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The best days and times to post on major social networks # Infographic


Digital and specifically social networking environments have become a fundamental part of the decision process a user when is your inspiration phase, thinking that restaurant choice.

TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and the website itself are often the first doors through which our potential diners will enter our restaurant. Why it is done requires a strategic approach to addressing our positioning in social networks for 2018. We must be clear who will direct us, What factors influence decisions of public and social networks that are.

Which the best time to publish our content on social networks?

Once we are clear about these concepts, it's time to find out what the timing perfect to connect with our audience. Each social network has times when traffic is higher, over a day or a week. Post in the appropriate moments, when traffic is higher it will help us direct you to the content we share in our networks.

So that, What is the best time to publish our content on social media? Network dependent and industry. For example, is certainly a restaurant record peak hour traffic meals and dinners, especially on weekends. On the other hand, a company dedicated to B2B, where your customers are other businesses, You look like their peak moments of activity occur during working hours and on weekdays.

Then we share based on a recently published summary infografía. This can run you as guide on creating a social media strategy for 2018.

  • On Facebook the best days are Thursday, Friday, on Saturdays and Sundays 9:00h in the morning, the 13:00and h 15:00h in the afternoon
  • and Twitter, the best day is Wednesday on 12:00h in the morning, the 15:00h in the afternoon and also between 17:00and h 18:00h.
  • Linkedin best days are Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday between 7:00and h 8:00h in the morning, to 12:00h noon and 17:00h a 18:00 pm
  • Instagram on Mondays and Thursdays, between the 8:00h and 9:00h in the morning, and the 14:00h and 17:00h in the afternoon
  • Pinterest the best days are weekends to 2:00h in the morning and the 14:00h and 18:00h in the afternoon

We recommend that you start testing A / B on how your audience responds to different times and types of publication, to draw your own conclusions. Good luck in your social media strategy for this 2018!

#infographics: When you post on social media 2018

When should publish restaurants in social networks

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