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The best designs of bars and restaurants 2016


For several days we can meet Restaurant winners & Bar Design Awards 2016, it has had in its eighth edition more competition than ever in the quest to find the best food and beverage space.

We are also proud to say that the named best bar in the world, it is Spanish, more specifically Catalan. He Blue Wave de Barcelona He has fallen in love the whole world with its design.

This cocktail bar designed by the study Creative team It is next to the sea, in the port city. It is part of One Ocean Club Marina Port Vell and access is limited to partners. A luxury that, at the moment, we can only access through these wonderful pictures.

The other winners, We can deduce some guidelines that is heading restaurant design. On the one hand Futurism, innovation and incorporating technology into the customer experience. For another, design, decoration and authenticity of materials "lifelong", capable of forming Very beautiful spaces and at the same time functional.

We leave you with this careful selection of images for you to enjoy with winners Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2016.

Best Overall Winners

BLUE WAVE (Barcelona, Spain) Creative Team

GERMAN GYMNASIUM (London, UK) Conran & Partners

Best UK Winners

VAGABOND WINES (London, UK) Finch Interiors

UK Category Winners

ARCHIVE HOMESTORE & KITCHEN (Ramsgate, UK) Haptic Architects

CRAFT LONDON (Greenwich Peninsula, UK), Design Research Studio

HANDMADE BURGUER CO (Grand Central, Birmingham, UK), Brown Studio

IBERIAN (Victoria, London, UK), Lazaro Rosa Violan Studio

NANDO´S (Old Street, London, UK), Moreno Şeye

NANDO´S (Harrogate, UK), STAC Architecture

No 1 DUKE STREET (London, UK), Box 9 Design & Red Deer Architects

Tthu (Manchester, UK), Edwin Pickett

The Printing Press (Edinburgh, UK), Goddard Littlefair

The Refinery (Regent’s Place, London, UK), Fusion Design and Architecture

Wildwood Kitchen (Liverpool, UK), Design Command

UK & International Category Winners

Dacong’s Noodle House (Nanjing, China), The Swimming Pool Studio

the Moro (Mexico City, Mexico), Chain + Asociados Concept Design

Flash (Bansko, Bulgaria), MODE

Generator (Paris, France), DesignAgency

Kino (New York, United States), Stonehill & Taylor

Kitty Burns (Melbourne, Australia), Biasol Design Studio

Taiyo (Milan, Italy), Maurizio Lai

Tapas Bona Sort (Barcelona, Spain), Jordi Ginabreda Studio

Takhun (Oxford, UK), JMDA

Torchy’s Tacos (Austin, United States), Chioco Design

International Category Winners

Foxglove (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), NC Design & Architecture

Jo Grilled Food (Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of), WhiteRhino Design Group

Kat & According to the (New York, United States), Aviva Collective

The baths (Paris, France), RDAI

News Cafe (Johannesburg, South Africa), Studio A

Pink Moon Saloon (Adelaide, Australia), No-Arc Studio

Shugaa (Bangkok, Thailand), Party Space Design

So 9 (Sydney, Australia), fire Works

Torafuku (Vancouver, Canada), Scott & Scott Architects

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