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Best portals restaurant reviews: the definitive guide


"Sorry, A good restaurant around here?"It is a phrase that is heard more and less through the streets of a city. La digital revolution has enabled users to get the opinion hundreds – or rather millions – people just write the same phrase in a search engine from Internet.

That is why portals reviews are a key factor to take into account to measure the reputation of a local gastronomic, that the end of the day, They are determined by its customers and therefore in CloudReputation We have written this guide to help you locate what are the most important and why.


It is the largest platform in the world travel, and it is for good reason. If you want a recommendation safely many of his 460 million monthly users will have something interesting to say. It is because of that not be within their 8.6 million business means virtually be out of the map.

If you have a restaurant, and you want – or rather must – registration, Start here: www.tripadvisor.com/Owners


Tripadvisor also belongs to the group, but the difference is that this is a portal hundred percent dedicated to the restoration. Thus, Its structure is designed in the sector and its users seek and provide more specific information.

It has many advantages when registering your restaurant, as software or digital book reservations for the restaurant management and good tools to fight the problem "No-show".

To register your establishment can do it here: www.theforkmanager.com/es/

Google My Business

It is to create your company profile, or reclaim it if it is already created, and make it visible in the results of Google, neither more nor less than the largest search engine in the world. The information giant logs each day 5000 million searches for restaurants. A figure not inconsiderable.

With your free account you can give visibility to your establishment on Google and Google Maps; set up your profile with descriptions and pictures to show what makes your business unique; offer your potential customers more ways to contact you and get statistics on how they do; interact with users and respond to their reviews; among other things.

A study reveals that 60% of consumers they say they are likely to review Google's reputation a business before I visit. Reason enough to be within.

Here's the link to Google My Business: www.google.com/intl/es_es/business/


In addition to personal profiles, the largest social network in the world offers the ability to create pages of companies and give visibility to your business among its more than 2 billion followers.

Some studies show that more than 70% of users they have used this tool to make decisions when choosing a restaurant.

further, among its tools study has success stories of restaurants using Facebook to promote your business.

Where you will learn more about this tool and its possibilities when creating ads: Facebook Business Restaurants


The social network that belongs to the Facebook group is one of the fastest growing in recent years and perhaps the most varied of all networks.

As the protagonist of this platform is the image, offers the possibility to whet the appetite of potential diners with good pictures and videos of your dishes. If you add to that a good description already have your users tasting menu and turn them into customer opportunities.

Your ad portal offers the same possibilities segmentation Facebook.

You can start here: https://business.instagram.com/


It is not an exclusive network of restaurants, but his name has been built primarily on sector leisure and entertainment.

He 20% its over 100 million comments are made about dining options, making it the second category after "shopping".

To start advertising your business and turn his followers into customers entered: https://biz.yelp.es/

BCN Restaurants

As the name implies, This platform focuses its operations on the gastronomic activity of Barcelona, allowing filter by price categories, Location, Cuisine and occasions, such as "romantic dinner" or "business".

A point to note this site is the prominence it gives your community, which it features culinary experts who users can continue.

To register your business type: www.bcnrestaurantes.com/alta


It is a reservation center for restaurants that has many discounts.

In its platform Ressbook offers 2 different types of subscriptions with the ability to manage your business reserves, communicate directly with your customers and send reminders to avoid empty tables, among other things.

Go into: https://www.ressbook.es/contacto/

So, Which do I stay?

All reviews are platforms with its users, that can be your potential customers if you work properly. Thus, The more profiles have your business, more likely you are to connect with them and make your visit.

A study reveals that 67% of purchasing decisions are influenced by comments on line.

Responses from reviews (both positive and negative) shows the community that you respect your customers attention and may feel that you deserve a visit, o no, from them.

It is an increasingly common practice and recommended encourage your customers to leave reviews of their experience in your business in different portals Reviews posted there.

Having closely monitor what happens to the reputation of your restaurant becomes a factor that can determine the success or failure of the same, as well as very useful tool when making decisions.

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