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The milenials and restaurants on Pinterest


In this article we will not talk about Pinterest and restaurants, but Pinterest and one of the most complex public that restaurants today have: los Millenials (or as we call milenials Spain).

These, without the public with greater purchasing power, yes They are the most recurrent in their habits attending catering establishments: more than one 30% of the drinks on terraces in tourist areas. Not so much in traditional restaurants or less touristy areas (but still present), but If we talk about bars, whether or not drinks, they are the ones that take the cake.

It is a complex public, and perhaps not as profitable as other (sometimes Rioja red wine aging as substitute a diet soda or pineapple juice), with some demands that many establishments are not used:

  • Free WIFI networks
  • Promotions through Apps
  • Formats with prices adjusted to your needs
  • Variety and specialization in products and services:
    • Vegan
    • ecological
    • Fast food
    • "Ethnic" food
    • handicrafts
    • traditional products
    • Fish
    • Meat
    • Etc
  • Design / decoration of establishments, or rather we should talk about "environments"

Nevertheless They represent an important part of the income of most establishments and we should not put them aside. Or for filing a faster rotation, or as a tool to curb the impact of seasonality, you have to think about the visual claim that exerts see full tables, undeniable.

And what options can help to attract to our restaurant millenial?

In order to attract the millenial, demos take into account several factors:

  • Social networks and they can not stay out of any establishment strategy, just because They are present in all areas of clients' lives.
  • Many (not all) of these millennials customers have profiles on Pinterest.
  • Gastronomy has potent presence options: is, along with DIY, technology and fashion, one of its four main legs.
  • It is not here to sell, but to attract; to influence the customer's decision when to make the visit more attractive to your establishment rather than another: that's positively differentiate themselves from competitors.

Just a few weeks, the social network itself published a study called Pinterest: Millennials’ guide to life, where we talked about the displacement habits have been seeking information from these millenial. no longer use "Traditional channels online" as journals, gastronomical websites O specialized TV channels, have opted for searches within itself Pinterest.

And what it is the reason for this shift?

It's simple: Pinterest is a huge aggregator media references where all these "conventional" and many more are collected. And it's much more comfortable look all in one place to jump from web to web to find.

So, How you can attract a restaurant to millenial using Pinterest?

A few weeks ago we told you about in this space clip "Image – contents – Motivation": this rule is as valid for millennials as for all other customers.

It may be somewhat laborious application, as It involves adapting the product to the needs of this type of customer, In addition to defining and developing a communication tone and more in line with their interests, But it is not worth doing if doing so we ensure the fidelity of a whole generation of customers?

Millennials are not the future but the present, and will remain so for many years: who earn their confidence will have made an invaluable conquest for your business.

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