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Mobile and video, protagonists of the second day of # DES2017


phones, and video content. These were the Key Concepts in Marketing Forum Digital Planet on the second day of #DES2017, Digital Business World Congress. During the day yesterday, Wednesday 24 of May, in this sector he gave way to large Branding experts and Digital Marketing, analysts and industry trends, which provided us an idea of where they will go shots innovation in the digital sector.

as mentioned, one of the great revelations and mentions of the day was focused on the Mobile digital strategies. This fact does not stop being a surprise, however since the Smartphone is integrated in our daily lives, it seems that companies do not know to echo this and leverage the impact.

In this sense he spoke Daniel Shaik, Manager Director of the Adgage, when he said "When we talk about Digital, we really should be talking about mobile ". During his speech he made a number of very revealing data for the sector, and is that, nowadays, he 65% of emails sent from the mobile and 75% videos are displayed on this device.

further, He announced that 2020 he 45% e-commerce and m-commerce will, last year, he 53% of banking transactions in the United States they were made through mobile. "The mobile user has an immediate need and we must be able to adequately answer", Shaik defended.

Nathan Golan, Vice President of Worldwide Sales Insert, went beyond regarding the use of mobile and had ambitious ROI using the engagement with the brand through personalization and segmentation apps. "There are three pillars to achieve this customization and thus the mentioned ROI: appropriate segmentation, cause the user action at the right time and customize both the process and the feedback ".

Improvements focused on user experience

As we saw from the team DiegoCoquillat.com, all entities and personalities involved had a clear awareness that the content is becoming the key sales. It must add value and must be done in a focused way the target audience. white Ahasuerus, Marketing Director Aristocrazy He stated that "we must get that the mark is not desposicione, but at the same time achieve objectives ".

To this end they are joining and maintaining consistency in their online and offline strategy. Alexia Herms, Social Media Strategist of BeAgency stated that future improvements for this brand of affordable luxury jewelry, as they like to be described, They would focus on a content focused on user experience.

In this sense, one of the most interesting formats turned out to be the use of video. Sarah Moore, from Eleven Lights Media, We talked about his experience with the Storytelling one formato audiovisual. Moore did much emphasis on emotion and the connection with the client has an increasing importance over traditional advertising. "He 45% people see more than an hour on Facebook and Youtube videos per week ", He stated.

And is that the impact of audiovisual it is not a given air, no tangible data. Matthew Sansom, Content Strategy and Alphagrid (FT) Y Enzo Diliberto, Global Insight Director del Financial Times, They had conducted a study based on platforms, dispositives, time of the day, content, formats and how to share large video executives and business leaders.

audiovisual content: impact and engagement

The findings were conclusive: but this group does not share much audiovisual content, appreciate video content and ease of this to be consumed the 24 hours of 7 weekdays and roaming.

Having taken the importance of mobile as a device and video as format, Henry Young Y Alex Bartumeus from McCann, We provided a number of Tips to face the digital future of marketing and business. Under the slogan "The long run is a word that only applies to monarchies, not companies ", these two fellow members shared a number of lessons from "unlearning" to consider.

Among them we found "unlessons", as they christened them as that technology is merely a tool for those born after it was invented or the fact that now each product or service must also be an experience. They according defended Jove and Bartumeus, he funnel sales is no longer a cone, since experience has spread and Now the client brings both before and after purchase or transaction.

This second day of # DES2017 let us clear that from now the key is creativity and adaptation to devices and formats used by the user. The trend towards personalization of content continue to increase and the value contribution will no longer be added to become an obligation. There is still a day ahead and we are confident that will not fail to surprise us with their solutions for the digital future, increasingly integrated into the offline.

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