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New restaurants for Gamers, between video games and foodies


hospitality, like other sectors, It is adapting to new lifestyles of consumers which has led to a new restaurant concept that has been carried out in the Quezon City (Philippines). Game Over Is your name, a restaurant set in key urban, directly designed to suit the needs of a large part of the millennials generation.

Gastronomic and recreational experience, fraught with new technologies and where customers have at their disposal large spaces with desktop computers, PS4 and Wii game consoles Nintendos.

This new model is expanding worldwide, having its origin in Asia, the continent gamer, definitely. It is a proposal that you want to conquer a new market segment of the hospitality. In this area customers can enjoy the company of the latest releases in video games as DOTA, Rainbow 6 And a long etcetera. Also for the classics there is an area of ​​more mythical and ancestral games as arcade machines, with which we have enjoyed some.

As for the restaurant space, include a sturdy and comfortable aesthetics, with large areas well equipped for the customer feel at home. rustic brick walls, drawn decorative elements of video games, stunning airbrush stamped on walls illuminated with neon lights and a long list of details that make all who visit remains immersed in this environment dystopian world, cyberpunk y virtual.

Customers also have at their disposal countless table games with which to have a good time in the company.

Food for Gamers

Now you may wonder… what is there to eat? Good, Hold on to your seats because the restaurant offers a high kitchen in the predominantly wooden tables filled with a variety of preparations, skewers, costillares with delicious sauces and endless dining options.

There is also a reserved space for vegans, which will enjoy plates decorated with the best fruits and vegetables native. But for meat lovers, book your restaurant star dish, a generous 250g beef fillet on which a thin slice of cheese lying on a sheet melts arugula, Come on, a delicacy at the disposal of Gamers!

And for drink?

Guests can enjoy a barman preparing specialist cocktails. The house specialties as announced by the restaurant itself are South Amaretto and the Red sangria. And as, I could not miss the sweet! A variety of cakes and sweets for better concentration on the screen will make this site a comprehensive place where customer fun is what matters.

This new restaurant concept is marking a before and after in the world of hospitality, That is why the great success of This kind of culinary offerings where the customer can enjoy delicious dishes with the latest technology and video games.

The home has been designed by Carla Pena, giving it a great touch Y gamer a restaurant that has everything to succeed among the young and less.

You know, If you're a Gamer, you're lucky. Soon you will enjoy these spaces full of possibilities for those Video game lovers and technology in general, while we are giving away our exquisite taste delicacies, that they seem designed to make the day more enjoyable game if possible.

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