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Obese may not enter nudists restaurants in Japan


The obesity It is a problem that is present in a very important way in most developed countries. It is a disease that affects much of the population in places like the United States, France or Germany and, Nevertheless, There is an industrialized country that has the lowest obesity rates in the population.

It is Japan, one of the developed countries fewer obese people owns and is that, between its rules of conduct and even laws, we can find some that are really unthinkable for the Western mind. To achieve this milestone, an important part focuses on the education of the population, Nevertheless, draws attention to one of the latest news related to this topic, and it is that a new naked restaurant the restaurant Nudist Japanese in Tokyo, The Amrita will deny entry to people with obesity.

nudists restaurants in the world

exist nudists restaurants in other parts of the world as Australia Inglaterra, But the most notable difference naked restaurant from Japan, is that in Japan, If weights 15 kilos over the average weight, the same restaurant is the one who advises you not to bother to reserve a table. further, compared to other restaurants of the same philosophy, diners will not go totally naked, but they should use disposable paper clothing and avoid touching other customers.

This is a restriction that has brought much controversy and numerous comments in social networks. Nevertheless, have a nice guy It is not the only condition to sit in the tables of this Japanese restaurant, but neither can dine at people with tattoos, those under 20 years or older 60. However, which has attracted more attention has been restricted to obesity.

The secret of Japan and its low rate of obesity

The truth is that if we remove sumo wrestlers, there is little overweight and obesity in Japan. This is a figure that is the strangest, considering that countries with lower rates are places where hunger and poverty share the daily life of its inhabitants, but in the case of Japan, is different. It is an industrialized country that has measures that address this problem.

Healthy diet has to do with the enviable health available in this regard, but also, State control to maintain these low levels is vital. For example, since 2008 Japanese companies are required to measure the waist employees, and if they are overweight, They should lower it and even put the means for them to go to therapy. This is a measure that companies comply, because if a company has a large number of overweight employees, should pay more taxes.

The Metabo law tries to raise public awareness of how important it is to maintain a healthy diet and take such measures, in addition to breaks to allow workers to exercise. Meanwhile, the Ley Shuku Iku is concerned with the education of children to know from small what they eat and where they come from these foods, so that greater awareness of the importance of good nutrition is created in physical and mental development of people.

further, the Japanese diet is also an advantage to avoid obesity. Traditional food with fresh products It is essential to Japanese culture, which it makes Japanese stay away from junk food in favor of products extracted from their small gardens. The small portions also part of Japanese food culture, which it is another measure that helps maintain low obesity rates.

With this panorama, It is no wonder that the first nudist restaurant the country refused entry obese people, as it is a context in which it is punished, somehow, citizens are overweight.

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