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Mobile payments will be the next big technological revolution in the restoration


By taking as certain assertions made from Business Insider, in which it is stated that in 2025 he 75% transactions will be made digitally, with no cash involved, it is abundantly clear that it is important to provide the greatest possible efficiency in paying digitally. Plus, a period of time so small, You can not wait to do.

To achieve this goal, the efficiency, it is important to have as many payment methods as possible. Only then can serve most consumers and solve problems that emerge in situ and without prior notice, such as blocking of a bank card or purse criptodivisas desadvertidamente that has run out of funds.

But without any doubt, one of the engines which energizes the technological transformation of the restaurant in this 2019 It is the mobile payment technology.

To understand the scenario we have to address EE. THE. In American country using credit card, a payment method widely used by the adult population, incurs additional costs for the payee. Thus, with every transaction that takes place in the restaurant so, the restorer is forced to take a loss or to transfer the difference of it to the diner, effectively more expensive service.

Fortunately in Europe we do not have to worry about such practices as European legislation promoted by the European Commission protects consumers preventing banks take out slice simply using the card.

This defense that our government has made on behalf of all citizens, It has not taken place, nor is it expected to have it, in United States. But it has not been necessary that no body regulate or punish financial, It has since emerged a movement that advocates moving to a more respectful of the entrepreneur and the consumer system.

It is own purses. A) Yes, mobile payments are not different from those accounts to which we can add funds for rent movies online, buy video games or have money in an inherently digital market as it can be ApplePay, Android Pay o Samsung Pay.

The use of this technology for restoration is now possible as the restaurant managers know that the mobile terminal, or a device with similar functions, is ubiquitous consumer electronics and ubiquitous.

According to analyst firm Deloitte Global, in just four years the number of adults who use smart phones will reach 90 percent, Y these people to interact with the apparatus in 65 times each day. Mobile payments will form part of these interactions retahíla, definitely.

In any case, the reasons spur change are not only purely economic. As well Some people appreciate the speed, comfort and security of mobile payments over other forms of payment.

Specific, NFC payments (proximity with mobile) They have made the whole process much faster. And while the stolen card means that surely this is Cloned, a mobile that has fallen into the hands of a friend of the alien is little more than a brick through all these security systems implanted lead terminals (alphanumeric contraseñas, geometric, morphometric fingerprint recognition or facial features, etc).

Finally, the use of mobile payments is being adopted at high speed thanks to restorers who have already tried reported an increase in sales. He 80 percent of businesses that implement the system acknowledges having increased its turnover by improving efficiency in communications between staff, better control of the food orders, better analysis of consumption data and customer care ultrapersonalizada. That is to say, the use of mobile payments allows reduce service time and dedicate those instants cattle to other more productive tasks, and the payment method serves also as market analysis tool and data collection.

Therefore, it would not be uncommon, although in Spain there are no problems with the flight attendants credit cards, mobile payments could equally hard to break.

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