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P2P payments and criptodivisas imposed on the physical money and cards in restaurants


During the first quarter of the XXI century, everlasting struggle between tradition and innovation in the world pound currency. The trustee printed or minted money seems to have its days numbered. Many futurists who portend extinction and provide a complete change in our purses and wallets.

If they are right, These supplements leather and fabric will no longer be swollen by the surfeit of low denomination coins, always uncomfortable in the pocket and sometimes forgotten anywhere in the home to become part of the showcase of some ethnological museum.

They are our great-grandchildren will be puzzled to see money in the exhibition 'Citizen beginning of the century’ in the same way we are amazed us with the primitive of a fleshing knife from a medieval tannery?

Do not forget that many of our young people no longer recognize items as iconic as the cassette or VHS. Whereas banknotes and coins will be replaced by credit cards; electronic payment systems P2P and criptodivisas, at a higher rate than expected; the picture we have painted has few touches of fiction. And just, For this business, It has not been slow to join the change.

New payment methods in restoration; goodbye to the old

Physical money has its problems. In a world in which digital transactions flaunt instantaneity, transparency, Privacy & Security. Remove the wallet starts to be seen as a breakthrough in efficiency that prevails in our daily lives.

In a highly aseptic environment such as a restaurant, subjected to continuous cleaning cycles and thorough checks on health and hygiene, Money is also a focus of cross contamination. Gadgets we carry daily, perhaps this is the greater vector infections, as it passes from hand to hand without undergoing any medical process.

These two aspects, together with growing popularity of other methods simpler and consistent payment times, have caused many restaurants have rethought the dilemma of whether to accept the new payment methods in the restoration are all the rage.

Although virtual monetary transactions are not exempt from its inherent problems (namely, the fees charged by service providers and difficulties in making the accounting methods that are still on the threshold of the alegalidad), the pros far outweigh any inconvenience.

Restaurants adopt payment systems most popular P2P (PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill…) or more desired criptodivisas (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or to the memetic dogecoin) acquire full rights to Bluffing modernism before an audience millenial, techie Or simply in.

Benefits for management and accounting restaurants

Apart from the promotional possibilities, Some restaurants have observed reduction of up to two hours daily time spent on collections, take turns and perform accounting. Let us not forget that these new payment methods in the restoration have already been awarded for the most quizzical users with the mocker title “wet dream of audits”, a reason for his traceability and the accounting facilities offered.

This particular piece of data comes from Leo Kremer, co-executive director of the franchise Dos Toros, that in his interview to CNBC stated that restoration “is about good food, good treatment and a clean environment, and these things take time and concentration while the chief local time is devoured by the procedures of cash management. Stop accepting physical money simply it has allowed us to focus more on doing a good job“.

By farfetched as it may seem, Two Bulls chain is not the only one who has stopped accepting banknotes and coins. With a third of the diners preferring to pay by card motu Proprio, you just need a little push for the use of credit cards in restaurants managed to reach Nearby values 80%.

The rest can be supplemented with other payment methods such as those mentioned P2P payment systems or criptodivisas, getting one hundred percent. A) Yes, the 14 Two local Toros are not alone in this race.

Main businesses that have physical money left in the lurch

In 2017, the 64 establishments Sweetgreen, specialists fast salads, successfully they incorporated the policy of not accepting cash. For them, one of the main sources of motivation was to get rid of the boxes, what it purported to be a deterrent against theft. As a side effect experienced a relief in peak hours to expedite transactions, something that improved customer opinion and allowed to serve more diners. But it was the only rate of about three percent that are lost when using these new payment systems in restoration.

Shake Shack, an important name among New York hamburgueserías, It has opened a kiosk in which only accept digital payments. It is a test pilot with a view to reducing friction in service. Apart from innovation in payment systems, also they make Extensive use of app Open Table, which brings additional burgers that tasters pay so entirely digital.

Another local town, he French restaurant Mermaid, goes a step further. They have ruled out several credit cards like Visa or Mastercard, and the only remaining, Wetern Union, You may have its days as the restaurant shows strong commitment to the use of criptodivisas, accepting more than a dozen different currencies cryptologic. Who so wishes can enjoy a tart fried goat cheese with shallots, Truffles, grapes and veil gruyère reservation, and pay with just over 16 Ripples.

There are many examples, clear indicator of what's next. El Two Forks, el 2nd City, el Fish Cheeks, Mulberry + Vine Tribeca… Even in the hispanosfera we have the 6999 run by Alejandro Escallón in Colombia or CRU Wine Bistro in Little Mexico. And over time they will only be more and more and more ...

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