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Food delivery orders are multiplying in those over 65 years for fear of going to restaurants


The coronavirus pandemic is changing the consumption habits of the population, prevention measures against outbreaks "They have demonized an important part of the hospitality industry unfairly", as indicated recently Jose Luis Yzuel, President of Hospitality Spain, especially to the face-to-face customer, what has caused a pendulum movement, clearly benefiting the digital option in the sector.

Orders at home and to collect in the restaurant itself, made through online channels, grow exponentially Worldwide, in a young population group, technological and hyperconnected. But it seems that the pandemic has also accelerated interest in this new form of consumption in little relevant population niches in pre-Covid moments.

According NPD Group, leading market research company, digital orders increased by 135% in June, compared to the previous year in the American market. But the most surprising data, is that the older than 65 years, increased their digital orders in a 428% and older than 55 years in a 200%.

In Spain this figure has also grown in a very relevant way, and is that according to the last "Gastrometer 2020" published by Just Eat, orders placed in an age group older than 55 years, have passed in the last year of a 8% yet 15%, they have almost doubled.

It seems that the vulnerability of this social group to disease, We must not forget that they are the group with the highest percentage of mortality, he 95% percent of coronavirus deaths correspond to people over 60 years, this accelerating your learning and access to new experiences about purchases through e-commerce, where safety and convenience were the key triggers for this relevant growth, in addition to the mandatory closure of many restaurants for a few months.

These new clients, who are already regular Internet users and also in a significant number, owners of a smartphone, are discovering this new form of consumption through digital aggregators. platforms like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats O Glovo, the orders of this social group are increasing of consumers, where he 54% of buyers between March and May, stated that he had never used these digital platforms six months before, according to NPD.

Although there is an important difference in age with other social groups, Like the millennials or generation Z, the older than 65 years have preference in their fairly similar digital orders with these two groups. The categories that had the most request in their orders, it looked a lot like the other generations, where the burgers, Mexican dishes, sandwiches or pizzas, are his favorite dishes.

It's without doubt that the pandemic of Covid19 has been the key element and accelerator for this social group to discover a new universe of purchases and experiences through digital platforms, since according to other studies, this growth Not only is being given in food, also in other products and services, everything points at, that once the devastating effect of the virus is diluted, this habit of digital consumption, in a population older than 65 years, it will remain the same as is happening in other parts of the population.

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