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New York dogs have a free hand to go to restaurants


The people of New York They tend to go with their pets everywhere and that includes the company of these in meals and dinners. Sure many of you comes to mind the image of Charlotte, one of the stars of the popular television series Sex and the City, with her Cavalier by Central Park, Reese Witherspoon or even in the bathroom accompanied by his chihuahua in Legally Blonde.

As well, these pictures are not just things from the big screen. In real life they are repeated every day more and more, so it was a matter of time arrived requests to bring canine companionship to enjoy the cosmopolitan gastronomy.

Until recently the dogs had banned entry into the restaurants in the Big Apple, something that raised such a multitude of criticism from the population neoyorkina up the city government had to take action on the matter with a law that abolishes ban. But remember that health authorities were not at all agree with the measure, since little they considered safe for people.

Nevertheless, This situation has changed. The Department of Health of New York has made public its decision to allow entry to dogs in restaurants, yes, certain requirements. Very good news for all dog lovers, numerous in the city, especially now in spring as both pets and owners begin to populate the terraces.

The Department of Health requirements

To enter premises, Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and other diseases, and be licensed. Once inside they will always remain on the floor and strapped, they can not sit on chairs or ride any other element of the furniture and if they make their needs, the owner must collect them instantly.

While it is true that the Department of Health of the city will not put too strict with the matter. Restaurants should only signaling all of these requirements through posters in establishments, making clear that the breach of the rules will result in expulsion from the local.

For the moment, the law allows bring dogs only open places at their disposal restaurants or, failing, For special areas habituated to it, as patios, gardens or terraces. While there will still be other business spaces reserved for passengers,.

What about cats in restaurants?

When the waters seem calm on the one hand, skip the controversy over another and that This has aroused the discomfort of other animal lovers, the cats. Makers heat the atmosphere were the editors of the website Eater.com, who released a question to open the debate as if it were a combat.

In this way questioned whether with the new policy perrocentrista it approved by the Government neoyorkino cat owners discriminated city e, even, They came to drop if the reason the senators had approved the law was his hatred of the feline world.

A new quandary for the government of this State, Although complaints come in this case a small part of the population. This was stated spokesman Senator Kemp Hannon Republican, who she did not see the need for the law passed would make mention of cats because "groups demanding legislation did not advocate them".

The truth is the cat-lovers They are a minority in the city, as it signals a study by the University of Siena. A 20% of citizens have Yorkers cat, Meanwhile he 30% they have dog. The differences are much greater if they are asked if they are "dog people" and "cat people", since a 57% They claim to be the first and only one 17% They claim to be in the second group. Clara can win on the feline and time, trenching discussion.

So you already know, If you have a dog, You're in New York and you want to stop to take a snack you're in luck. Not so much if instead of dog you have cat or any other pet. Or if you're a banker and you live in Paris. Then, we are sorry, we have bad news for you.

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