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Prices and discount coupons remain crucial in attracting customers to the segment of fast food and casual


Over the past two years they have proliferated hamburgueserías gourmet as top Grill, The Good Burger Y Tommy Mel’s, as well as the fornos Stone O ristorantes italianos where the price of pizza is a plus. Nevertheless, not all consumers are willing to let their portfolios shivering to go for fast food.

As recently it is known by a report Publisher’s Clearing House referring to the US market. UU., economic rebates and discounts on meals you still have a fundamental role that customers decide which setting targets.

Why to visit Domino’s and not Pizza Hut? Perhaps Offer 3×2 the first is more striking than any other promotion available in the second.

Why McDonald’s and not Burger King? Hamburguesería red arches is well known for offering the tightest market prices.

And this applies both here in the United States, American country but also have a traditional voucher system which are distributed through periodicals, shop dedicated to other sectors and other consumer businesses.

These coupons allow a discount on the basis of which the items are sold in restaurants. Many see them as a banner of poverty. Not exactly small percentage of US citizens. THE. who they are forced to count every penny they spend, whether in your shopping cart or anything else, and in such situations coupons are a gift that can not be dismissed, despite the social stigma.

Social stigma that had led some market analysts juzgasen that times had passed coupons, But their predictions have not been fulfilled. Far from it, the distribution of discount coupons organized restoration remains one of the best strategies marketing for restaurants segment of fast food and casual.

There's still more, This procedure can be modified with little effort to transform it into a system of rewards for repeat customers; that is to say, one of the loyalty programs as demanded by the fast food companies such as McDonald's or Chipotle They are bidding. Loyalty applications sharing the first place when it comes to generating sales refers to discount coupons for restaurants.

The best of all, definitely, is that the old paper coupons that appeared in magazines and newspapers, almanacs have left behind to move to be available at one hundred percent digital format. They proliferate so pages devoted to collecting existing codes, QR Redeemable at Store and the like. further, some subscription services offer virtual coupons as part of their rewards program for customer loyalty.

And is that 2019 begins a decisive battle in the world of organized restoration. If we consider that the 45% of McDonald's customers also considering the possibility of going to Burger King to eat a hamburger, or that the 39% would not averse to visit Wendy’s, we realize that It is crucial to prevent the escape of people between businesses dedicated to the same niche.

Definitely, the future lies in build more meaningful relationships with occasional consumers to encourage their conversion into common or recurring customers, and this is not achieved only with the brand name: fixed customers win when the service offered exceeds value to competitors, without incurring it at a higher price.

Hence the discount coupons in restoring organized dedicated to fast food and casual serve this purpose, further having the ability to cause positive reinforcement to be understood that the coupon is not a preset price reduction, but a personal award for the carrier.

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