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The Cubi2018 awards and recognition to the Spanish gastronomy


This year they have returned to celebrate Cubi Awards, These awards recognize the work of personalities without being related to the world of cooking, They do a fantastic job for promote Spanish gastronomy.

The emcee was Jose Ribagorda, he famous news presenter Tele5, so fond of the kitchen, which it has its own book called Eating things taking the name of your website Delascosasdelcomer.com.

Cubi Awards event was held in a unique setting, in the Madrid park Florida Retirement central Madrid. The gala was organized by FACYRE, Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain, entity that manages the Aplus agency gastromarketing.

Award-Cubi-Jose-RibagordaThere were many prizes and many emotions, I had guests like Diego Guerrero, Pepe Rodriguez, Oops Muñoz, Mario Sandoval, Ricardo Sanz, Juan Antonio Medina, Pedro Larumbe, Ramón Freixa, Sandro Silva, Andrea Tumbarello, Paco Roncero and Joaquín Felipe, who were also responsible for presenting the awards.

On the other hand, the renowned chef Mario Sandoval, President Facyre and "guilty" of enhance and enrich the culinary culture with events like this, He began by saying a few words about the importance of these awards. Cookers need more ambassadors like Mario! From there the emotions were served.

List of winners of the Awards Cubi 2018

List of winners of the Awards Cubi 2018

CUBI Award for Outreach and Screening of the Spanish Gastronomy in the World

"For his work on the disclosure of haute cuisine in the Spanish gastronomy"

Guillermina Bravo, Editorial Director Montagud.


Law and Gastronomy Award

"By creating the European association of the right to food"

baby. Sr. D. Rafael Catala, Justice minister


CUBES Prize Communication and Gastronomy

"By helping the sector to spread the Spanish gastronomy"

Dña. Macarena Rey, CEO Shine Iberia-MasterChef


Cubi Defense Award for Gastronomic Heritage-History Spain

"By consolidating the Spanish cuisine in the destinations of Paradores"

Dña. Gela Alarcó, President of Paradores


CUBI Economics Prize and Gastronomy

"By helping the industry improve business gastronomic"

D. Peter Gries, Director General of Makro Spain

Peter-Gries Director-General-de-Makro-Spain

CUBES Prize Healthy food

"By helping society to have healthy eating habits"

Dña. Marta Garaulet, Dietitian and Nutritionist


CUBES Prize Gastronomy Solidarity

"By helping the most needy they can eat every day"

D. angel Crespo, Director General Food Bank

Angel-Crespo Director-General-Banco-de-Food

CUBES Prize International gastronomy

"For a path 30 years"

D. Rafael Anson, President of the International Academy of Gastronomy


Cubi award the company committed Gastronomy

"For his campaign commitment to gastronomy, SOS Breathe "

D. Antonio Huertas, Mapfre Foundation President

Antonio-Huertas-President-de-Fundacion Mapfre

Culinary Award CUBI Impulso

"For their support to gastronomic entrepreneurs"

D. Miguel Angel Luna, Segments responsible in Santander Spain

Miguel-Angel Luna,-Responsible-de-Segment-en-Santander-Spain

CUBES Prize a lifetime dedicated to gastronomy

"Having devoted a lifetime to the culinary excellence"

D. Salvador Gallego, Chef and owner of "El Cenador de Salvador"

You can see the exciting moment the deserved prize.

Gastronomic Promotion Award CUBIC

"By promoting the marriage of food and wine in North America"

D. Anthony From Mandl, Own Mission Hill Family Estate


One more year Aplus Facyre and made it possible for the Awards were held Cubi 2018. Continue promoting Spanish gastronomy, their values, its classic and innovative soul now. We continue to feel proud of our products and chefs.

These awards belong to all who make it possible to eat becomes an unforgettable experience. Thanks to all the winners and attendees put the icing on the eighth art called gastronomy.

In Aplus gastromarketing We perform the Cubi Awards, because we are not only experts events, social networks, consultancy and strategies, but because we love gastronomy. We love #gastromarketing.

About the Author

Considered one of the most influential gastronomic marketing professionals in Spain, Diego Olmedilla is president of Aplus Gastromarketing, Director General of Facyre and has been Director of Marketing for Active FEHR, the marketing division of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants.


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