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Edible containers, the latest in recyclable packaging for restaurants


Nowadays, find ways to reduce the impact that human activity has on the environment is one of the objectives pursued in all areas of human activity. Sustainability has happened in many cases to be demanding of governments, who see the lifestyles of today's society are incompatible with the existence and regeneration of natural resources of the planet.

This is the case of Fort Bragg City, in California, where the government team It has decreed the ban on dishwasher and replacement of the dishes for something less common material see in restaurants. California town lives a time of alarming drought, so far, in force since 30 September last year, initially it established the obligation to replacing glassware and porcelain dishes, glasses and cutlery.

I say "in principle" because, as expected, the prohibition brought controversy and complaints the hospitality sector. All warning lights were on the impact it would have on tourism, targeted by most owners of establishments like the biggest loser. Joseph Harris, owner of Verona Kitchen claimed that “when a wine is served 50 dollars a bottle in plastic cups, customers do not complain. Many are very understanding, but they may not want to repeat it ".

Meanwhile, Jim Hurst, co-owner Silvers at the Wharf Y Point Noyo Restaurant and Bar, told the San Francisco Chronicle what “maybe you can cut a filet mignon with a plastic knife, but not a New York. The impact [for the tourism] It will be terrible”.

Compostable containers for restaurants

After two weeks into force, They began arriving early problems, so that the strict language of the law was changed Softer one in which the requirement to use this type of crockery became a recommendation, Meanwhile he term "disposable" was replaced by "compostable".

It should be noted the difference between "disposable" terms and "compostable", because while the former refers to materials throwaway but not necessarily biodegradable, the second refers to those They decompose in a short time without leaving visible or toxic waste.

And the problem as an emergency measure taken at the Fort Bragg was that water consumption was reduced but, instead, significantly increased the accumulation of garbage based on non-biodegradable plastics.

food containers for restaurants

The latter is precisely what seems they thought the owners Do Eat when inspiration in creating your product. This Danish company has manufactured a fully edible dishes made from potato starch. The idea is to Thibaut Gilquin and Hélène Hoyois, two young men who are defined as paper dining-not know if they say literally or refer to edible paper offering- and aimed to ride this business year 2013 it was clear: eat dishes. His greatest desire, say in your presentation, is staff aware of the need for change in environmental matters and training of waste.

On its website they encourage use at home to surprise guests parties but their use can go much further and be used in restaurants as an added incentive. The product is sold in packs 25 units at a price of 14,95 euros and it is available in four models that fit what we want to place on them: the lotus, The spoon, the canoe Y The tulip. And if we are more than do-it-yourself we have the latest creation of the brand, a container that everyone can build at home with a little water and a natural sponge.

To date in which this article was conducted, numbers that look on your web reach the 312.000 sold and packaging waste savings around 1.680 kg, which translates to equipment Do Eat in 2.452 afternoons success.

We may not be so far from reaching the point of eating, literally, dishes. Of course, as method to accumulate small amounts of waste Y and facilitate things a bit for the environment, the idea is a 10. And you, Can you imagine eating your nachos with cheese or your salad and, Besides, its packaging?

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