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American restaurants are united in their defense and platforms against economic damage caused by coronavirus


The American continent begins to see the first responses based on associations to combat the damage of an economic nature caused by SARS-2.

Even before the pandemic came tackles EE. UU., restaurants upstate New York and suing the government measures and economic adjustments that would allow them to alleviate the crisis they knew coming. Unfortunately, its call went unheeded, and today the New York metropolis has become one of the epicenter of the COVID-19.

Now, on the west coast, not far from New York, another platform defense after restaurants has emerged, but this time he is making much more noise. This is the group Richmond Restaurants United, agglomerating a union that most establishments the area of ​​influence of the city of Richmond (Virginia).

A plethora of restaurants and professionals have already joined the initiative. Only in its promotional video they appear almost twenty professional restaurateurs who run restaurants and chains like Carytown Cupcakes, The Jasper, Tin Pan, Metzger Bar & Butchery, Brenner Pass, Chairlift, L'Tobago, LX Group, Richmond Restaurant Group, ZZQ Texas Craft BBQ, Nota Bene, Longoven, Laehj, Alewife, Southbound, Ardent Craft Ales o Poor Boys of Richmond. But since then many more have allied with them.

The message is, in any case, unison. Restaurants are an iconic and necessary element in our cities, and during the health crisis of the coronavirus they have been hit in the worst way possible. Many businesses are at risk of bankruptcy, and it is necessary to relieve the burden with Community effort, cooperation and economic measures.

United Richmond Restaurants platform aims to achieve its objectives by forming a lobby locally, state and national, so that they can defend the interests of the restaurants in these difficult times.

Similarly, fight for economic stimuli are approved. By what they have agreed to call the salary for social distancing, Restaurants professionals expect to have a fund to prevent massive destruction of employment.

Finally, the group intended to be, and it's, a meeting point for restaurateurs in the midst of this crisis, a place where they can share ideas, advice and moral support. This last mission is already more than achieved, Richmond Restaurants platform because United has a list of government tools that can assist: the Virginia Employment Commission, the James Beard Foundation, the Emergency Assistance Program for Baristas, design services pro bono, Program Aid Small Employers Facebook, the bond issue "Join the food" and a long etc..

The web lobby also has a public service messaging where workers in the industry affected by the pandemic can express their opinions, impinge on any action that should be added or just show your appreciation for the formation of the support group.

The forum works great, and it can be found valuable contributions as proposals for eliminate taxes on meals prepared or include counties that are not yet integrated into the movement, creating an alert system to meet the status of each restaurant, or recommendations to use home delivery services of food have canceled their rates.

Apart from the above, United Richmond Restaurants platform is also creating discussion groups on social networks, contacting local partnerships to develop collaborative relationships, gathering information on the latest developments in the sector during the crisis of the coronavirus, and encouraging the public to participate in the following ways:

  • Donating economically the compensation fund published in GoFundMe, where they hope to raise one million dollars from the crowdsourcing
  • Donating time in the case of qualified professionals such as lawyers, accounting, graphic designers and professional real estate
  • Supporting restaurants by orders for home delivery or pick up locally, or buying gift cards if there are no other options available
  • Showing empathy with the plight faced to restaurants

The Richmond-born initiative is a model example of organization and how well they can work to defend the citizens' network Local business.

So it is not surprising that, thousands of kilometers to the south, but still on American soil, similar proposals have arisen in Uruguay.

The website “As usual” launches Discount program Uruguayan residents can also visit their favorite restaurants in the future at discounted prices. And according to one of the creators of the page, Rodrigo Martinez, who use a coupon will be entitled to a discount for the 50% of the price of the same. That is to say, who acquires a voucher 1000 Uruguayan pesos, you can exchange your ticket for a meal valued at 1500.

To launch the project, the five partners that make up the team The usual (a clear allusion to the typical idiom used by regular customers), They came to work to 48 hours straight to launch the web on time, so that restaurants like Rudy Burgers, Kendrew Scottish Bar, Pita & Oliva, Brauer Bierhaus, Namaste or good practice, they could qualify for the benefits provided to the onset of the crisis of the coronavirus.

The operation of the system is well tested and has among other benefits:

  • A giro system through which liquidity is maintained restaurants
  • A protocol to the consumer protection that prevents buyers remain unattended if the restaurant who applied for a coupon closes down
  • Payment facilities and commissions just symbolic

A service that has already attracted the attention of national media, and it would certainly be interesting to export to other countries that have been hit during the crisis of the coronavirus.

In Spain, Conversely, where the impact of virus is being brutal and effects in the hospitality industry could be devastating, using expression Ferran Adria, We're not finding a joint reaction from the hospitality sector in this regard, some individual actions, but they are not having great significance, As we begin to manifest some voices:


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  1. Right now I’m living in Belo Horizonte MG and I’m interested in working on developing social activities.
    I am involved with seniors as well as helping INSTITUTO ÃNIMA in a Gastronomy project aimed at seniors.
    I am studying at Belo Horizonte MG at Universidade UNA in courses in Vegetable Gardens, Finance, Informatics and Phytotherapy.
    I help UAITEC in free online courses to publicize courses for the elderly and third parties.
    I completed courses at IPPE, Citizen network, institutes focused on the elderly where we learned about projects aimed at entrepreneurship in the elderly.
    Studying about PANCS plants with books and booklets by EMATER, EBRAPA, EPAMIG, others.
    I am a volunteer at the ELDERLY REFERENCE CENTER in BH where I help in the Community Garden and I am interested in working and developing projects for the elderly.
    Today I am working in a small restaurant, where I am learning about Gastronomy and due to the city of BH winning the UNESCO Creative Gastronomy City Award, I take the opportunity to develop activities focused on Gastronomy.
    Imagine a space for seniors where we can help seniors to develop their GASTRONOMIC skills like various courses aimed at entrepreneurship, this is UNA UNIVERSITY.

    I would like to understand more about Richmond Restaurants United and how I can develop work with you here in Brazil.

    Eng.Helvio Matzner

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