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Restaurants opt for music to customer loyalty


While fast food chains prefer a stimulating and energetic conductive wire, the most sophisticated restaurants looking for intimate evenings with soft music classic style

Many special moments of our lives are linked to songs which over time they have become veritable soundtracks for all, because when we heard we can not help but turn up the volume, sing with all our might or even move us. Music accompanies us inevitably over our lives: at home, at work, in the car, in the gym, at the bar

Even when we went out to eat is very likely to choose an establishment with ambient sound; not because they decide but because More and more restaurants-not just business- music offering its customers.

Chefs concerned about the local music

The music in restaurants has delved deep into a society that increasingly less like the sound of cutlery “beating” dishes or annoying noise swallowing many. So many chefs have understood and, taking his music-loving part, They have decided to create themselves a playlist with songs that best suit the type of cuisine. For example, Mexican property owner Pujol, Enrique Olvera, It requires chefs participating in the Boomerang project with its own list of music.

but there cooks for whom music is a source of inspiration as for Danish René Redzepi declaring that great fan heavy metal, So whenever cooking has to listen this genre. Although there are still restaurants who see music as a child and are content to hear the first radio station tuned.

The chosen type of music influences the diner without him noticing

The number one goal of a restaurant is to create a pleasant climate so that the diner decides to return. How to do it? Choosing a type of music according to the characteristics of the establishment; for example, McDonald´s O Burger King They are distinguished by offering a striking decor in which red tones predominate and yellowish, bright light and powerful music in which stand as high volume players and songs with more rhythm of the current scene.

Three features whose union causes the visitor a state of agitation and frenzy They translate into higher consumption and faster.

On the opposite side are the establishments that have a more sober furniture and soft lighting with the aim of achieving a relaxed atmosphere in which the customer feel at ease and so spend more time enjoying your meal. This is thanks to the influence of the type of music used: classical or jazz.

Several studies show that increases appetite to hear either of these two genres, so much so that average spending per guest is a 23% higher than in normal conditions.

Restaurants create their brand through music

Demonstrated that music has ceased to be a child in any restaurant to become major player with others as important as the state of the facilities, service quality or the final price. Hospitality experts already warned long ago with the launch of inspired by different music genres like pop restaurants, rock or jazz. One country that has invested in this type of business is, definitely, U.S.

Johnny Rockets. He born in Los Angeles in 1986 Y, thirty years later you can boast of having opened more than 200 local worldwide. It is a restaurant chain whose decoration diners moved to the United States of the early 50: tiled floors and white black, red seating vinyl jukeboxes are their hallmark.

On the menu include burgers, sandwiches and milkshakes but if anything is famous Johnny Rockets It is a lively and fun staff does not hesitate to sing and dance as often as necessary. The ambient sound is enlivened by the classics of the golden age of rock and she did not miss Elvis Presley or the Bee Gees.

Ben & Jerry´s. In 1978 Ben and Jerry They opened their first ice cream shop in an old gas station in Vermont but not until 1981 when, to the great acceptance by customers and shops and small businesses that market their products, in the same city inaugurated its first franchise ice cream. Its company policy is based on preserving the environment, promote social change, participate in charity projects and, how not, bet on music.

They have done so since its inception, when they came to put the name of rock legends their ice cream, and still they do by offering its sponsorship to various music festivals throughout the United States. It's more, in 2005 they created their own known as Ben & Jerry´s Sundae Festival.

The union between restaurants and music beyond the United States

In Europe there are also hundreds of examples where the implementation of a restaurant has had its origin in the music: a genre, a group, a singer, one of each… Lapland, Finland, the rock band Lordi He opened the doors of a restaurant created in his image and likeness with decor reminiscent of the funhouse. Serve fast food like pizzas, burgers and kebabs at a more than reasonable price though its hallmark is certainly ambient music heard and success among diners: rock y heavy metal.

Restaurants “musicals” in Spain

Our country is no exception as great restaurateurs have wanted that music is the main attraction of business, not only hears what the customer but also for what this looks. Here are two restaurants that give good account of it:
Rock & Roll. In the heart of Madrid is located Rock and Roll, who has the honor of being recognized as one of the best burger joints in the capital. The restaurant's name gives us clues about what we can find inside: a large mural of Mick Jagger, tables with different logos that match classic rock bands, images of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love at the entrance of the baths… And of course music, So much music to liven up dinner and later cups.

Old Pop. Also in the center, but in this case Barcelona, is a restaurant with a lot of history since to find its origins we must go back thirty years ago. Currently it maintains part of the initial staff, who, like back then they enjoy a very special decoration in which mythical pop artists represented. further, while we are enjoying a burger called “Elvis”, “Lady Gaga”, “Shakira” O “Morpheus” It sounds the best pop music of the last decades.

As well in this digital newspaper we have decided to spread the music as a differentiator in business hospitality and every month our skilled person, Nacho Casado (Family Tree) shares best music playlist for restaurants, Here are some examples that you can not miss:

In addition to Spain, Finland, Mexico, Denmark and the United States, Countless countries where the symbiosis between restaurants and music is in good health: Peru, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Japan, Germany and the UK are just a few of them. Although there are many detractors of this “practice” I am also of betting for music in restaurants, yes, It must be in keeping with the spirit of the local. And you how you feel more comfortable?

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