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Restaurants turned into drive-ins, the new fad that triumphs in the Covid era19


The ways of socializing are being modified by the pandemic of the coronavirus Worldwide, and this is affecting the central core of the origin of restaurants, where they put the context to that gastronomic experience with high doses of this component and that social distancing prevents in most cases.

I do not have any doubt, what this situation, will sharpen the ingenuity of the sector to try to alleviate this complicated moment with various creative ways, that allow customers to enjoy gastronomy in alternative and safe social environments.

Well it seems that we already have an example of it, and is that it is becoming fashionable in many countries, in restaurants with ample parking, projecting movies like old drive-ins that we all know, and that allow the client, besides enjoying your dinner, entertain as a family or as a couple, while complying with the mandatory guidelines for physical distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Drive-in theaters had a heyday in the decade of the years 70 and some of the 80, but several factors like the availability of color televisions at home, video players and the rise of video stores contributed to its decline.

Many restaurants are converting their parking areas into open-air cinemas, and apparently with great public success according to many of the publications that flood social networks, offering an interesting opportunity to couples and families who long to go out to dinner outside their home.

Now, that in many countries of the world the good weather is coming, it seems that the memory of those summer dinners of starry nights in the car are a great claim for young millennials, that many of them did not even know this alternative, but they find it very funny and, Of course, very instagrammable.

all, has been favored by the closing of the cinema, theaters and any venue that hosts an event, caused by the coronavirus crisis, it has darkened thousands of rooms around the world.

This situation seems to have motivated the rebirth of the drive-in experience, as a viable leisure option that allows a certain agglomeration of people, but that at the same time, respects the guidelines for physical distance established by the authorities.

"We want people to enjoy leaving their homes, but in a safe environment. Families may be in the car, two adults in the front seat, and two children in the back, in short, it is like being at home but in the car and also with a feeling of going on an excursion with the family” comments the owner of one of these drive-ins.

Undoubtedly, this measure cannot be extrapolated to some countries, where strict confinement measures prevent restaurants, they can't even be open, as it happens in the case of Spain.

In the era of Amazon Prime, Netflix O HBO, where you find thousands of movies in multiple formats at the click of a button, it seems that rescuing the old drive-ins and that they also include a gastronomic experience, everything is being successful. And is that, in this situation, any small glimpse of socialization and leisure in common is a huge advantage.

But as an image it is worth a thousand words, thanks to the digital medium The Atlantic, here you have 16 images of viewers enjoying their gastronomic and film experience in different countries of the world.

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