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EE restaurants. THE. support the vaccination process and will pay their employees for absence from work to receive the vaccine


The executive director of a major restaurant group in the United States surprised everyone a few weeks ago by communicating via email to the restaurants he manages new coverage for paid absence from work.

A) Yes, in an interesting movement that combines the improvement of workers' rights and the performance of the company, employees of the Olive Garden restaurant franchises, Bahama Breeze, The Capital Grille, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Yard House, Seasons 52, Eddie V’s and LongHorn Steakhouse will adhere to the new company policy that contemplates paying the hours that the staff dedicate to get the vaccine coronavirus.

Waiters, cashiers, reception and cleaning staff, As well as chefs and kitchen workers, they will have four hours to attend their nearest medical center or hospital and receive the immunization without affecting their earnings..

In this way, it gets rid of possible reluctance based on economic losses that workers could refer to as a reason for not receiving the inoculum.

The specific details of the measure are complex since not all employees of the mentioned restaurants receive the same compensation. Help is capped at a maximum of twenty dollars per hour and is calculated based on the rate agreed with the worker plus an average of the benefits obtained in the last thirteen weeks as tips.

further, Given that the vaccine requires two separate inoculations in a space of several weeks, the time available has to be divided. It is divided into two equal blocks. If the worker spends only half an hour to receive the first dose, they will not have three and a half hours left., but it will only have two. If unfortunately the waiting time exceeds the quota of two hours, then the employee would inevitably lose money.

To receive your monetary compensation, workers just have to show the medical receipt where it is indicated that they have been vaccinated.

The vaccination process is not mandatory in the company, but it is being recommended very vehemently. This new assumption of paid absence from work aims to encourage the restaurant team to get vaccinated. in EE. THE. vaccination is being carried out with the products of Pfizer-BioNTech Y Modern, dispensing one and a half million inoculations a day on average.

Some restaurant managers commented: «We are simply doing the right thing. There are employees who would be forced to choose between working to earn money and their health ». He added: Even from a purely business perspective, not an ethic, it will cost less to keep employees healthy than, Let's say, closing a section of the restaurant because an employee got sick ».

In the United States, restaurants are actively participating in the vaccination campaign. Although unusual, These displays of altruism are typical of American culture, very dedicated to volunteering and personal social actions.

A clear example of this that is discussed is the logistics contribution agreed between Starbucks and Washington state. Several company engineers are selecting the optimal distribution points to make vaccination in the northwestern state a success.

Vaccination priorities in the United States differ slightly from those in Spain. Hospitality workers enter phase 1c as essential workers. Hospital workers and nursing home caregivers have higher priority (1a), as well as workers in critical positions (security, transport, industry, feeding) and older than 75 years.

Now the National Restaurant Association has requested the inclusion of workers in the hospitality sector in group 1b. With this movement they intend that a sector hard hit by the coronavirus crisis do not lose steam again before a new wave. Some epidemiologists already point to this supposed fourth wave as a more than plausible possibility.

It is unlikely that the US health authorities. THE. grant this request. However, it is appreciated that the association fights for the rights of workers in the restoration union.

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