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Fast food restaurants the big winners of the crisis


We are all watching that eating restaurants fast food fast food not only has not decreased in this crisis, but it has also increased.

Muchísimas familias que no eran clientes habituales de este tipo de restaurantes antes de la crisis, now they go to a regular form attracted by its marketing, for the speed of their service, but mainly by the reduced prices offered, which is an economical solution to a basic need.

But if anyone has any doubt as major fast food chains and especially McDonald’s He has taken advantage of this time, Below is a chart I put that speaks by itself.

It is listed on the NYSE of the shares of McDonald's [McDonald’s Corp. (MCD)], since 2007. We see how in this period the share price has risen from 44$ a cotizar por encima de los 100$, representing a revaluation superior to 120%.

Most surprising of all is that in the same period the benchmark of the US stock market, he Dow Jones, It is consisting of 30 most important and representative industrial companies in United States, He has had a very different evolution.

Right now you are looking for the levels it had in the year 2007, and a “surprising” Growth in these 5 years 0%.

If we make a comparison between both graphs we can see how this tremendous global crisis has not affected him at all McDonald's, rather the opposite.

But that is not here, ¿sabéis cual ha sido el valor del índice Dow Jones con mejor rentabilidad en el año 2011? you are right, that you're thinking, McDonald’s, con una rentabilidad superior al 35%.

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This crisis is showing that the restaurant industry is one of the most important and sustainable economic engines of a country, even in the worst moments, siendo un importantísimo generador de actividad económica y de empleo, which they should take more account of rulers when seeking solutions.

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