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Galicia pioneers restaurants in measures to reduce food waste and environmental care


Changes in legislation and implementing legislation are one of the biggest headaches that we have to face professionals in the catering sector.

Undoubtedly, the biggest change in recent years was the ban on smoking in such establishments. Industry concern during the discussion of the new law and its acceptance was enormous, but finally the actual effects were very different than expected.

The health of people was then the seed that led to new regulations. Overcome the problem, now is the turn of environment.

Earlier this year there were two bills that aim to contribute to take better care of the natural environment.

The first of these laws is already in operation in other regions, such as in Madrid. It's about the obligation to deliver the remains of food to diners if they want them.

The new rules do not become effective automatically, but shall enter into force on 2020 if you pass the vote in the government Board. Therefore still have to wait a few months for this possibility is an obligation.

This initiative is part of a package of legislative measures to combat the use of plastics and reduce damage caused by waste generated in the industrial fabric of the region.

The “Law of waste and contaminated soil” also includes another important change for Galician restaurant sector. It's about the unmitigated prohibition of crockery and cutlery disposable plastic.

While the measure against food waste requires the client's request (and it is expected that many customers do not use it), this other section has a and certainly much greater transformative capacity will cause profound changes in the sector.

Galicia stands out for its festivals held around food, where attendees can sample traditional dishes at very low prices. With the large number of villages scattered throughout the territory, the culinary history of the region has led to an extraordinary culinary heritage that could now be challenged.

How they will adapt these festivals that enjoy the outdoors to the new requirements on environment? Until now intensively they used disposable plastic products. But maybe in a few months this is no longer a valid option provided within the legal framework.

Similarly, the house local restaurants that have food delivery service will be affected. The topology own populations invited to delivery services are not concentrated in the region, so by approving this corrective measure it is asking local small packaged adopt new higher amount.

Nobody doubts the benefits of this law, However, this does not mean that there are doubts about the extent to be executed and whether the administration will be willing to show firmness in enforcing the assumptions of the law.

Currently they proliferate in Galicia misconduct related to the dumping of disposable plastic. In a land with incredible potential for tourism thanks to its landscape, this wealth is sadly wasted.

On the one hand is placed not bound monoculture of invasive alien species such as eucalyptus that degrade the true Galician landscape, and secondly there is more than enough evidence of uncivil behavior of many users takeaway Galician: containers appear everywhere polystyrene aluminum trays and hybrid (parks, natural monuments, etc.), sometimes forming true uncontrolled dumps appearance subspontaneous.

The absence of such objects on the market would be a first step to restore the beauty and health of the Galician natural environment. But this project presents difficulties are evident.

The “Law of waste and contaminated soil” It was filed in February by the president of the Xunta, Alberto Nunez Feijoo People's Party, and the Minister of the Environment, angels Vázquez.

The objective of this measure, which it is still in draft stage, is reduce the amount of wasted food in 30% for 2025, and a 50% in 2030. Meanwhile, fighting single-use plastic responding to the global ban is emerging. The European Union It is positioned as a world leader on these two fronts, and as part of the same, the new legislators initiatives that appear in Spain meet the requirements issued from the European government.

With this early action, Galicia wants to register as a benchmark in the Spanish field, European prohibitions ahead entering operation 2021 and provide greater sustainability restoration the Galician sector.

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