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Restaurants should take care of all the senses driving enjoyment


In his latest book, Daniel Balmaceda He expressed his total ignorance about the act of cooking, Nevertheless, recognized his excitement for gastronomy and fine dining, “I am not an expert, I'm a fan”, this important Argentine journalist sentenced.

Balmaceda is not the only I bigoted for gastronomy, this figure has become so commonplace lately that even the teacher Oscar Carrion He has coined a term to refer to them when he talks about the “Gstro-Firdos”.

How do we get excited in a restaurant?

In other articles published in this newspaper I have already talked about excite the importance of our customers. For it, we should ask ourselves if the restaurant was the ideal place to carry out our work scenario. Confirm whether it met the scenery conducive, It is the right environment to convey our representation to ensure that all guests enjoy the experience.

Maybe we go into a local remembering a critical, perhaps the recommendation of a friend, all without noticing too much in the environment that we will. But there are a series of invisible friends who will condition our experience through the senses.

For example, a fire at the entrance of a local, either a grill or a clay oven, It is an accurate crush our genetic and ancestral memory. The same fire that protected the caves of entries animals and cold in caves. When we are going to enter a restaurant with that design, We build trust and safety, It is how to get to retreat after a long day of hiking.

When a kitchen is in sight the visual impact builds confidence, and the subliminal message is clear, "Here we do things right, and you can see ".

When we immerse ourselves in the local, the different messages we receive condition our experience. The illumination is a determining factor is not always maintained, most have not had a professional design. We see very few places where light creates the atmosphere in tune with the emotion that seeks to define the establishment: luxurious, intimate, funny, surprising, etc. There are few restaurants that have well resolved illumination.

The letters are also part of the visual message, but not dwell on them today, only say that images and design have a big impact. In any case, If you want to inquire on your own in the matter, in this newspaper you will find several articles about.

There are other sensitive issues and that people do not dare to comment as fragrances and odor. Beautiful premises have been restored in central areas of our cities in an arduous and onerous mission, that does not always eliminate certain odors. It is much easier to dispense with certain chemical cleaning products and air fresheners pollute our gustatory experience.

Some perfumes employees, although very nice, They may also interfere this time. I must admit that people belonging to the world of wine is the one who suffers most, even able to detect a musty baize many meters away.

Special mention at this point the protested Year anti-smoking law 2011. Many predicted the death of the restoration and the truth and truth is that invited many others who had strayed back to restaurants, Y we all enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying experience. The question I ask myself is how has taken so long to legislate? Even today we can not believe that until recently we had to eat next to people smoking.

But back to the issue at hand, there are also other pleasant scents and enveloping, one of my favorites is the freshly baked bread.

The touch, texture and temperature

Many kitchens have a direct relationship with the texture in the preparation of their dishes. The most advanced techniques They seek to combine elements different temperatures and textures generating very interesting contrasts.

The ambient temperature of a restaurant is as important as wine, both must be suitable. I have just returned from Argentina and in many of its restaurants you have to enter with a coat when it is on the street 25 degrees Celsius, as well as a great responsibility to the planet and climate change, It is downright nasty. It is something that happens in many parts of the world.

Touch also plays an important role with silverware, napkins, tablecloths and of course with the glasses. Drinks are a very sensitive issue. Perhaps the Austrian company Riedel are the epitome of sophistication. Rober Parker dice: “are the best glasses for both technical use and for enjoyment "and" the effect on quality wine is deep ".

basically it is a manufacturer of glass, defends the idea that each wine according to their characteristics should be served in a different cup, with Special care glass and forms. The design of the cup determined as oxygenates the wine NOSE, but also determine how it will be deposited on the tongue and taste buds enhancing its characteristics and uniqueness.

The papillae are not distributed homogeneously and the recipients of the basic tastes are each in different areas of the tongue, so as Riedel, each wine deserves a different kind of drink to be displayed at its best, and lets face, they are right, and we know all we have tasted the same wine in different glasses.

I do not forget the sound. premises with a terrifying noise there is and this section should care. We have all ever been to a restaurant where the ambient sound does not even allow you to talk to whoever is next to you. For me they are one-time venues.

Music, Yes, there is, it also deserves design within the facility as well as professional care for avoid excessive volume or maldistribution of decibels. To this must be added that the selection of musical genres should being in tune with local and with his emotion.

Music, Yes, there is, also deserves the design of the facility and professional care , to avoid excessive volume or maldistribution of decibels. To this must be added that the selection of musical genres must be in tune with local and with his emotion.

The controversial issue of children deserves a mention, I think it is the parents who know their children and should know whether or not they can behave in a restaurant. There are children who can go anywhere and more difficult to adapt to a dining experience. It is too unfair to ask the restaurant to intervene in this decision and it is also unfair to disturb the experience of others.

I know some of the comments in this article will not be the best way to get a fan club, but our commitment to gastronomy and the pleasure of enjoying the moment requires us to be sincere, and is that It is only possible that the experience is unforgettable and pleasant when the whole environment helps us to enjoy it.

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