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The restaurants of the future are already here


In recent years has grown considerably the number of restaurants characterized by using the latest technology, as well as a service in which the figure of the server begins to remove

New technologies are increasingly present in our lives: smartphones, tablets, computers and devices to listen to music are some of the most sought. If we add to these other tools such as motion detectors, smart glasses, augmented reality and wireless payment systems, among many others- We could launch a restaurant the future in the immediate present. yes, we would not be the first, since in Japan this business model in which it seeks to impress the client is more than extended.

The success of these establishments lies in the use of innovative technologies, Nevertheless, in the coming years will be integrated into our daily actions.

In that developers they have thought of perhaps the restaurant with the greatest technological implementation of the world. His own name, Mirai Resu, It gives us a clue about what we can find if you visit their premises -Mirai means future Japanese-. And there is nothing wasted, since one enters until it leaves can not help but wonder. Put yourself in situation: we sat in the place assigned us Mirai Resu and bluetooth system automatically our table starts thanks to Apple iBeacon system, sensing devices iOS -iPhone, iPad iPod- and records us as new customers.

At the same time, the table itself becomes a big screen on which emerges the restaurant menu. With the help of a candle we can move around the digital menu, if we desired, detailed information on each dish to determine our choice. Once we decided, We just have to take your hands off the table and, as if by magic, on the roof a virtual waitress who take note of our commands in Japanese. But if that is not our mother tongue, the problem is solved with simple headphones that pick at the entrance and will help us translate the menu to the language you choose.

Before we left we can leave our opinion on your profile Facebook and give “I like it” in all products we tested. As if this were not enough, the same table that allows us to have eaten publish the photographs made during our stay at the Mirai Resu. As icing on the cake does not even need to checkout, not literally; although it is true that the famous deleted “Waiter! Account” in favor of a payment system that uses technology iBeacon.

Without leaving the country Japan, in Shibuya -Such-, restaurant sushi Genki It is known for offering a quality meal in record time. This is because the waiters are replaced by the most advanced and efficient technology. It all begins when we settled on the table that we have been assigned and visualize that, instead of having to use a letter, we have a iPad. Through this device we visualize the full menu Local, as well as multiple photos and details of the dishes and, Besides, It will be responsible for taking note of our choice.

When the food is ready start parading before our eyes on a conveyor belt stops to easily collect our order. But it is not the only, another lane beneath the plates rotates continuously demanded by customers to only have to stretch your hands and catch you most want us. The central computer will take control over everything that we have spent to settle accounts at the checkout. That will be the only time we will contact a worker Genki Sushi because if we who collect the table will enter the draw for a surprise prize.

Nevertheless, and Incredibly, the first automated restaurant opened in Nuremberg -Germany- Beyond the 2007. He took the name ´s Baggers and he diners choose the menu via a touchscreen. No waiters by, the order reaches directly to the table with the help of a spiral-shaped rails.

If you're curious but the distance does not allow you to enjoy a unique meal do not worry, as the restaurants of the future have arrived in Spain. He Loidi, located in the Hotel Condes de Barcelona, It was in charge of hosting last 27 February to 6 March, a smart experience. This involved the use of xTable, a digital and interactive table that lets you see in detail the letter, ordering or watch videos on YouTube.

Large fast food chains have also wanted to be the latest in technology for some time. In 2014 Pizza Hut launched in Rhode Island and Nebraska (U.S) a project that invites the customer to create the pizza that you like: Choose ingredients, the size, base, body type, if you want to edges or not and the option to add a sauce, plus accompaniments and dessert. All this is possible thanks to an interactive table that is activated by placing on it a smartphone and, in a matter of seconds, We configure virtual pizza that appears at will. Once you have selected the payment method, emerge on the table a series of games to liven up the waiting time.

A year before, Mcdonald´s He had already introduced one of its local Singapore an interactive table; although in this case no good to ask your menu or pay the bill, but that were playing the smallest. La Happy Table He began to work when you colocabas on it a smartphone, thus activating various games and the chance to get free drinks as prizes.

After knowing the important progress that society is experiencing in technology we think there come a day when we go to a restaurant and there is no worker flesh in sight? While it is true, Many emphasize the speed of this service; Nevertheless, most people crave interaction server-client. Which side are you on?

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