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Restaurants begin to say “no” to electronic cigarettes


Various cities around the world have already taken into account the recommendations made by World Health Organization in which warns about the lack of information about e-cigs or electronic cigarettes and the danger that this can be.

Since it began its journey, Beyond the 2003, the electronic cigarette has had a quiet life without frights. Until now. Nowadays there is constant discussion about the use and enjoyment of this device since, but emits water vapor is known-hence the action of smoking as vapeo-, many experts who warn about the risk posed by inhalation for passive smoking.

Others, Conversely, ensure that It is a practice devoid of harmful effects to the health of those around us and with very low toxic levels for ordinary consumers.

Disputes with the use of electronic cigarette

as It is a relatively new technology, it is impossible to know the effects long term Y It is the opinion of each heeding those who criticize O, Conversely, believe those who defend.

The truth is there are arguments that support both positions. In the first side are placed those, with reports in hand, They show that lnicotine electronic cigarettes will increase the heart rate and levels of cotinine in the blood; Besides, show how these cause changes in lung function and remind skeptics thousands of cases of lipoid pneumonia in vapeadores.

The second group consists of those who see a campaign against cigarette electronic, therefore enters direct competition with conventional snuff and this is a very important source of revenue for the Government. Scientifically say with inhaled nicotine e-cig It is half a conventional cigarette and that the first produces less carcinogenetic substances second.

Each country applies its own rules

If citizens do not agree on injury associated with the use of electronic cigarette, The same applies at State level. From east to west and north to south of the planet there is an unequal regulation: while some set free vaping, others put restrictions the use of this device and there are countries that categorically prohibit.

in Latvia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Ireland there is no restriction for sale, acquisition or, Of course, use. for Austria, Portugal and Germany is a therapeutic product.

France, UK and Spain so far they have taken a conservative stance on banning electronic cigarette in public transport and playgrounds, among others, and yet allow bars, restaurants, pubs and discos.

The next step is expected to be equating with snuff, something that has already Malta. But there are countries that carry out tighter control as Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Lithuania, Australia, Brazil, Panama, Singapore and Hong Kong, where marketing, possession or advertising are punishable with heavy fines.

The vaping and electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants

Although the law is very clear, there is great ignorance about the use of electronic cigarette in certain areas.

Due, the Spanish Federation of Hotels It has been put to work and has launched an information campaign aimed not only professionals but also citizens foot in order to dispel doubts that this device can generate, mainly in close quarters as they are It's local HORECA say: Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias-. So good, as already it mentioned above, in our country is the hotelier who has the last word and decides whether or not you can at your local vapear.

In favor of electronic cigarette in restaurants

Castellon, the Provincial Association of Hospitality and Tourism in the province has repeatedly expressed interest in allowing their businesses vaping.

In Alicante mobilizations have occurred, útlima being the Vape Day national holiday or vaping. Held last year had the support of the Union of Developers and Entrepreneurs of vaping -UPEV- and was the successor of Seville Vapefest. Gijón took place in another of the most acclaimed festivals by consumers of electronic cigarettes: R Party vaping.

Patio Cafe Teatro de la Favorita was the place chosen by a famous brand of e-cigs where, in addition to listening to music, He was freely vaping. Cipri Quintas, owner of several entertainment venues like discos and restaurants, He has never hidden his interest because it vapee in these places and remember the economic benefits that will report.

Against the electronic cigarette in restaurants

Nevertheless, not all catering tolerate the cloud formed by vapor condensation from electronic cigarettes and, according to a large percentage of the population is opposed also they have decided not to hang the poster “Here you can vapear”.

In Spain 9 each 10 people prefer to go into a restaurant, a coffee shop or pub and be free from all kinds of smoke. A) Yes, The Basque Government has decided to restrict the areas of vaping and regulations equate electronic cigarette to snuff conventional.

In the same vein they have acted in recent months NY, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, prohibiting the electronic cigarette in restaurants, bares, discotheques and other public spaces. From the Department of Health Pender County, in North Carolina, It has invited local restaurants to say no to vaping and have obtained a positive response from more than a dozen establishments: Bandana Family Restaurant & Grille, Kirkwood Grill & Grocery O Beach Bunny have been only a few of them.

It never rains please everyone and what some like others horrified and the issue of smoking or non smoking, vapear or not vapear would not be less. Unanimity is impossible but it seems that the European Union is about to reach, because this 2016 There are already planned new legislation in member countries. For the moment, until further notice, we can only look at the door to the bar or restaurant and see if what you say your poster will make us turn around or, Conversely, We will encourage us to enter.

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