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Restaurants in Spain are targeted at Thanksgiving


Today is one of the most important days for North America since from 1941 every fourth Thursday in November is traditional carving the turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving

Americanization of society is unquestioned. Our customs, our dress and our fun ways have changed to resemble theirs. They not that have changed just because, is that we copied-and we still do- TV programs, its next generation mobile or most modern cars. But there's more, because their parties are for years also ours. Hands up who has not ever disguised witch, monster, pumpkin or something similar to celebrate Halloween. Many think that the 1 November stipulated as a day of rest in Spain to better cope with rescaca poshalloween. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A few weeks later, specifically the fourth Thursday of November, It has another place of the most important events in the United States: the Thanksgiving. Since 1.777 It is declared as a national holiday and is celebrated in style. Early in the morning begins the traditional parade Macy´s Day Parade, around the 3 Afternoon is now all set to enjoy an outstanding dinner, after hearing has great football and, as colophon, The next day, known as Black Friday– It is reserved for holiday shopping advance taking advantage of most of the workers also rest.

Restaurants Action Thanksgiving

One of the features, perhaps the most important, of this celebration it is that it has a familiar character. And many roam the country from end to end to join yours if only for a few hours. Thanksgiving Day it's time to reconnect and spend a long day at the stoves, distributing tasks, enjoying a great meal and good company. But those who prefer to eat restaurant but at home, many local do takeaways- or go outside, because supply is ample; yes, It must also be your pocket. Here are three restaurants to prove it.

Da Campo Osteria, in Florida, serves a menu of three courses among which the turkey farm, grilled ham and sausage stuffing summer, among others. adults pay around $65 and children under 12 few years $32.50.

– He Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove also it offers a four-course menu, including Tom baked turkey, Winter Salad, seasonal vegetables and pumpkin pie. The price is at $105 plus a mandatory gratuity 20%; yes, Makes say 6-8 people.

Jungle Island It is ideal for the whole family: First lets visit the Explore Park, full of animals and live shows and then enjoy a dinner buffet style in which no shortage of roast turkey, mashed potatoes or grilled ham. It is best that the entry they give you food, so for $32,95 each adult and $24,95 each child entertainment at.

Restaurants Solidarity Day Thanksgiving

But if there is something that distinguishes Thanksgiving are, precisely, good deeds. An example is the initiative carried out by George Dimopoulos, a restaurant owner in Michigan, which for years feeding invites all those who are alone in a special celebration.

As reads the sign placed on the George´s Senate Coney Island: “If someone is home alone, Come eat free with us!”. Dimopoulos solidarity towards the most disadvantaged has its origins in childhood who lived hard: He left home with 12 because her family could not escolarizarlo and, after spending time living on the street, He left his native Greece 23 years and she moved to the United States.

Enviable the work of this local that, Nevertheless, It is not the only point of American geography where you can eat totally free. In Florida, from 12 am to 4 pm, Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ-St. Petersburg- It offers hot turkey accompanied by typical dishes Thanksgiving day. also various Organizations in Los Angeles They serve dinner for Thanksgiving for those who have no resources and aim to have a fun time, as well as the food you can enjoy a show by comedians, various shows and music.

Each time more restaurants in Spain celebrate Thanksgiving

As many of us we have seen, as he Thanksgiving Day as Black Friday have been included in the calendar of many countries both South America and Europe. In Spain, hundreds of stores advertise sales for this 27 November and many cities offer throughout the day for lunch and dinner in true American style.

In the capital many establishments have incorporated this tradition and created a special menu for this date as indicated for Americans. Among them we can mention the free bar Carnal sin, call “All you can eat”; for two hours you can enjoy all kinds of drinks and dishes such as butternut squash soup or organic turkey farm with foie. The price? 40 euros.

In Rubaiyat turkey is the star today, and pumpkin pie and cinnamon is the finale of a menu designed by Carlos Valenti, chef, you can enjoy for 55 euros.

He Café de Oriente It has renewed its image with a multisensory dinner organized on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day. For three days will be available a menu that combines Mediterranean cuisine with recipes brought from the restaurant that the group has in Washington. Dinner show surprise between courses also 55 euros.

They have joined this initiative also other restaurants such as Desencaja, Rooster, Al Trapo O Becker 6. hamburgueserías as Tommy Mel´s O New York Burger They celebrate in style Thanksgiving. As well as Hotels Ritz he Intercontinental O Dear Hotel Madrid, they have prepared delicious menus, not so much to celebrate this date as to taste dishes that do not usually eat.

As we have seen, he Thanksgiving Day It is becoming more widespread party. Wherever we are almost assured the presence of a restaurant to commemorate such a special time for Americans.

And you how are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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