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Restaurants generate more than 30% conversations in social networks


It has published a study in the United States by the company PQ Media which shows and confirms that restaurants dominate conversations in social networks.

The study is conducted during the second half of 2012, thousands of millions of conversations in real time on social networks were analyzed and concluded with a very significant finding of the current trend of the contents of these discussions. He 33,4% cited brands in social networks are restaurants, specific, Starbucks generated in that period 2.4 million mentions, McDonald's and Burger King 2.3 million mentions each.

To have a comparative power of the restaurants in social networks, we see how the beverage sector and specifically known brands such as Coca-Cola, Gatorade or Sprite generated 23.2% of the mentions, that is to say, a 30% unless restaurants.

Perhaps even it seems more incredible than sectors like technology brands such as Apple, Google o Samsung, will generate only mentions of 17.2%, almost 50% unless restaurants.

Among the three sectors mentioned above, restaurants, beverages and technology generated over 70% of mentions.

The study also shows that although women spend more time on social networks, men throwing more than half (55%) of all social media conversations related to brands.

One consequence of this enormous content is that ad spending on social networks by the American companies increased by 42%, almost over 8.000$ millions, a figure likely to grow in this 2013.

In my opinion, It is another fact only confirms the great importance that the restaurant industry has for users of social networks that a massive and naturally share content on these companies, highlighting the importance for the future growth of the restaurants will be actively involved in these channels and effective management Social Media Restauranting.

I would like to know your opinion do you think these data demonstrate the strength and leadership of the restaurants in the conversations of users in social networks? How should influence the sector?

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