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Restaurants leading companies in the presence of Instagram


Instagram It has established itself as one of the leading social networks used by the restaurant industry worldwide.

The growth of this social network, based photography, it seems unstoppable, the number of users in the United States during the year 2014 It increased by more than one 60%, more of 64 millions of people are using Instagram, and according to forecasts, in the year 2018, more of 100 million users will use.

Instagram growth

In 2014, Twitter has overtaken and has become the second largest social network in number of users, and it seems, in the future, this difference could be increased.

Comparative instagram with twitter, facebook and other social networks

If we analyze companies that are active in Instagram, we find that there is a very important fact for the restaurant industry, as they are these, with a 31,1% They are leading the presence, followed, very close, hotels with 30,8%.

Restaurants leaders in instagram

But no longer surprising, only a 23% of American companies say they have Instagram account, evidencing, which it is not particularly popular use of this network in professional environments, when we compared with other, where for example, on Twitter are the 82%, on Facebook 80% or on YouTube 60% companies that claim their share.

Percentage of brands that are present in the different social networks

It is curious the low presence of brands within Instagram, which enables companies with a strategy optimized, find a significant difference and have a huge potential for growth.

Under my criteria, the restaurants, Instagram are not choosing the first option to develop a strategy in digital environments, prefer initiated in other more general, such as Facebook or Twitter, but when they pose a more specific presence visual or photographic, Undoubtedly, the choice is Instagram.

It is very important to highlight the high level of commitment that Instagram users remain over other social networks, This allows greater and better interaction between brands and users.

Commitment instagram users

Restaurants should be clear, that their participation should not be invasive, and must be based, as usual, to share quality cotenidos adding value to the user, because as we can see in the table below, as we increase the number of photographs published decreases the percentage of participation.

Evolution of engagement in instagram

To end, I would like to share the following video, where it can be seen as Instagram you are experimenting with new environments that enable specific actions, which would accommodate, definitely, advertising elements by companies. This is a photo carousel with a final action button that would link, for the first time, with external content to the social network.

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