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Restaurants can customize their virtual assistants with voices of famous actors or actresses


Initially the restaurant needed to pay attention to your location, configuration, decor, service and quality of the product offered to maintain a brand image. Each of these elements was studied carefully for them to work together, making the impact on the visitor was unforgettable.

Competition among businesses in this sector also forced the differentiation in the way of doing advertising, the image of the company had to be extrapolated to all campaigns marketing that from conducting.

And later with the arrival of the digital technologies, it would be the turn of the different telematic tools Contact, They would also have to be consistent with the image he had of the business, so webs, apps mobile and social networks should present the elements characteristic style and identity.

Nowadays, it appears that a new technological revolution hopes to make its entry triumphant in coming years. We talk about the virtual assistants, tools still have a timid presence in our homes, but are bound to be generalized in the same manner in which the smartphones They have spread like wildfire.

Virtual assistants provide a flexible communication interface, versatile and free of friction for relations between the customer and the business run their course and closed without contingencies. They operate similarly to chatbots, but machines like Google Assist O Alexa Amazon It makes use of voice to make conversation with users and solve their problems.

Professionals in the restaurant industry are already taking advantage of this technology to answer phone calls by VoIP technology Y chatbots Conversational Voice-based devices Amazon and Google. Nevertheless, automate the service is not enough, those responsible for establishments want their premises are recognizable from the moment in which the call is served, and that there is nothing better than having a voice feature that makes the most memorable experience.

Personalization on voice commands was a reality that some analysts specialized in this industry had predicted. Assumptions became reality last February 4 when, in a press release, Amazon He revealed that he is working closely with different brands to customize the voice Alexa during communications with beneficiaries chains.

At the heart of the issue is the division Amazon Polly Company, a group of hard-core developers working on developing NTTS (voice transmission in neuronal voice text). The new product has been coined, adeptly, as Brand Voice. A descriptive name that will be enough explanation for anyone interested in the marketing, whether professional or amateur.

Brand Voice It is a novelty that will soon Amazon and Alexa Skills Connect. To enjoy the scoop, restaurants should contact AWS service required to record voices for service. The restaurateur has to choose which voice actor or actress is better accommodates local and Polly Amazon group is responsible for ensuring that the technical requirements are observed at all times (duration, saturation, definition, etc).

The tool opens up a world of possibilities for professionals in restaurants, since famous voices have radio or television to serve its customers, until reinforce the brand image already existed thanks to a person belonging to the restaurant with strong media coverage.

In the specialized forums already guess about what will be the solutions of some of the largest chains of organized restoration. Among the most requested are the voices of Colonel Sanders for Kentucky Fried Chicken or a mischievous voice face Wendy’s. Others have been quick to indicate the quality of services NTTS previous such as Samuel L. Jackson to Amazon Echo.

In the meantime, Some expected the gaffe to emerge internet memes, among the worst available candidates are the former CEO Papa John’s, John Schnabel Atter with his incoherent speech apocalyptic, or one of the promotional images most unfortunate of all time, Jared Fogle de Subway, convicted of crimes against minors.

And is that the same way that a Web poorly executed could scupper the reputation of a mark restoration in the nineties, selecting which represent voices restaurants virtual assistants is a matter of utmost importance and topical. It will take a good deal of thought to make the decision right. And begin to weigh about it and it is not bad idea, Who knows how fast these virtual assistants will spread on the market!

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