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The restaurants present for the final of the national contest of business ideas Camon


As I informed you in a previous post, My project 10Restaurantes.es He was selected as a finalist for the national competition for business ideas Camon Business-20 in its third edition.

The final was performed between 20 finalists last Friday 16 December at facilities Camon is in Alicante.

Camon and Restoration

It seemed it was going to be the day 10, The contest began at 10:00 am, my presentation was number 10, The project is called 10Restaurants and the prize was 10,000 €.

A mid-morning and after listening to 9 Previous projects, it was the turn of exposing, the exhibition was perfect, the had very prepared and went as planned.

They were about 10 minute, between exposure over questions of jury, the truth is that it made me very short, at that time I would not have wanted to be anywhere else in the world and would have wanted would have lasted 10 more times, He was so keen to have the virtues of 10Restaurantes time passed very quickly.

From the beginning he was aware that this type of competition do not usually win business profile projects 10Restaurantes.es, usually social projects, environment or those that solve a very specific social need.

That is why I had to take risks and my presentation did not go unnoticed, combined storytelling, with touches of humor and trying to stay clear the essence of the project, had only 7 minutes. The welcome was very good and I received congratulations through twitter and people in the room.

Following my presentation, there was a break and followed with the following 10 finalists and on 17:00 hours the jury, formed by different academics, financial, economic and investors, He ruled that the project deserves to be the winner out Glen Biotech.

A young company that develops solutions to environmental problems of agricultural interest, and eradicates supuestamenta the red palm weevil, a plague of insects that are doing a lot of damage to palm trees, Hopefully this idea evolve for the benefit of many palm groves in the world, and in particular of Elche which it is my city.

I must confess that I have has been an exciting experience, and very satisfying both personally and professionally, is the perfect support needed 10Restaurantes.es for plantearme new targets, since the reception has been fantastic.

All who follow my blog know that traditional model of hospitality It has changed and that we face new challenges and new consumers. That is why it is very good for restaurant industry new ideas and projects that improve appear and create opportunities in the sector, for both customers and restaurants.

By last, thank everyone the tremendous support you have given me through different social networks, Thank you, Thank you and thanks.

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