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The restaurants are preparing for the arrival of culture "all at the touch of a button" thanks to IoT


It's no secret that consumer satisfaction is one of the critical points that affect the business success of the catering business. Because It is vital to adapt to the needs of a changing market both demographically and technologically.

The increasing number of consumers born after the eighties represents a new challenge for a collective (the restorers) used to confront problems head-on. However the demands of this new population segment are not trivial matter. Commonly called millenials They seek immediate solutions to difficult problems often. Are born lineage of culture "all at the touch of a button ', a culture shaped by the emerging IT solutions, a culture that has grown up with parental consent and with few shortcomings, a culture that clashes headlong with the current economic predicament, extremely demanding for younger.

In order to meet the needs of new consumers, Restaurants are forced to streamline their services, reduce waiting times and address the multiple communication channels existing between the business and the customer.

Unfortunately, the existence of more ways to communicate is not directly related to the speed of services. Quite the contrary. Having to attend a multitude of devices and communication channels Dissimilar, responsible for customer service are overwhelmed and, consequently, the user experience worse, turnover is lost when neglecting critical communications and stress is taking over the workplace.

unified in the information age communications

How many modes of communication used within a day? Perhaps an email to address an important labor issue, text by WhatsApp to let the family know we'll be late for dinner, an urgent call to report a problem with a supplier, television to hear the latest news while meeting some other issue ... We are surrounded by gadgets designed to interrelate, although sometimes we forget it. In the information age, the number of existing communication solutions has become an obstacle.

Because, a new trend begins to outline on the horizon. It is unified communications, systems that centralize all communication systems through a single channel that facilitates and accelerates information management.

Its implementation in the world of restoration is not strange. During the first half of this decade it was sufficiently clear that reservation systems of use; this is, phone or face, They had become obsolete. Phones could not take the call volume to make reservations, request information or ask for an explanation before a problem. In local busiest many of these calls were left unattended and, without an alternative to the analog solution, They were guessed pérdidas.ç

Voice solutions over IP or VoIP settled quickly as a panacea for all ills caused traditional telephony. These systems allowed manage calls from a PBX and refer each chain establishments, They gave the possibility of create additional lines to serve customers or establishing lines of direct contact with dealers and suppliers, and made it possible positions of responsibility will monitor compliance with the manual of good practices in communications clientelism, detecting possible incidents so far undetectable.

Thanks to the versatility of VoIP systems can provide a sublime user experience and consumer satisfaction is exorbitant. When this methodology unified communications are combined the result is, Besides, quick and efficient service that pleases customers exceeding their expectations. In the words of executive director of Unified Office, Ray Pasquale, "Everyone wants to buy goods and services in real time, on demand, and there is a constant moving towards mobility and smart devices, Besides the desire to transact virtually ".

And while the goals are met customer face, the only wealth of information sharing vital business data with maximum interest quickly and safely.

The first steps in the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT)

VoIP and unified communications applications are the basis on which to build an effective networked environment for the restaurant.

The current landscape of technological innovation in restaurants is promoted by the decline in the cost of the sensors, whose price in the last two years has been reduced to one third. A) Yes, install a temperature sensor in the refrigerator only it represents fifty euros.

The affordability systems It allows for a new batch of data that bring efficiency and profits to new heights. In the example indicated above, it is possible to alert the staff that consumption has soared refrigerator because the door has been closed incorrectly. You can also remotely control heating and air conditioning, conditioning it to use the stove and reducing the amount of electricity demanded in general terms, as well as workers' welfare. This can also extend the life of appliances.

Ray says in this regard that, at the request of the restorers, "They pounced on the problem and built a platform capable of recovering data from the sensors and deliver them to an application in the cloud that could be monitored by multiple authenticated users. It works on them “main cables” restaurants that already have installed, and simply obtained more information for management teams relevant, with a series of reports, integrated notifications and alerts'.

The beneficial effects on business are multiple. It should be noted:

  • Increased collaboration and productivity in the workplace, and receiving information in real time on computer performance. Unified Office offers display screens on the walls with speed data service (KPI), interactions that are taking place (with the aim of showing fluidity at work and achieving goals) Additional information is vital.
  • Reduction in transport costs and delivery.
  • Call Pickup peaks at times, Attention default chatbotes, instant analysis of waiting times, call volumes, consumer satisfaction and food safety, among others.
  • Real-time control for executives. Franchise managers can compare the analytical and rates of return between different computers, schedules, sites, etc. It is a tool essential to make informed business decisions.

Another aspect that facilitates the implementation of the IoT technology is that these services are being offered today holistically. No longer a specialist is needed for equipment IoT, IoT another for temperature control and one for IoT applied to communications. Now the same professional is responsible for all aspects necessary to renew technologically local restoration.

Durante the IoT Evolution Fort Lauderdale Expo, Florida (OF. THE) held in February last year, Unified Office director presented a new package based on IoT for restaurants, the "TCNOPS, It is the next step in the evolution of the award-winning business communications platform Unified TCN Office. TCNOPS exceeds the simple basic real-time monitoring to achieve predictive and proactive analysis, which can predict component failure before they become a problem ".

«It is on the edge of the network where value is created now, actually, where any electrical apparatus can include a sensor and the customer can, somehow, communicate with the network and exchange data. We try not to give too many laps and we rushed the challenges just at the end, and when we did we realized that we could really help our customers gestionasen anything », Ray continued.

Nevertheless, the most appetizing of the IoT applications with unified communications aspect is that "allow the channel [of information]it becomes more valuable than ever before. It helps businesses copen with the rapid pace of technological change and market behavior, where social networks and online searches generate real-time business».

Add IoT to the restaurant it has become, plain and simple, something necessary. the life of the simplest restorers ago, and the next step in automating the current paradigm promises to improve further. when the sentiment analysis is available, manual work normally done listening to hundreds of recordings by a computer will be done with software equipped with machine learning to multiply the speed of the process cuantiosamente, will minimize errors and produce results easier application. a complete utopia for brand managers.

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