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Restaurants entice customers in social networks through image


In adolescence, the time in which one is more rebellious against reading, always he is playing open a book (especially if it was a subject of school or institute) we expected anxiously, turning the page after page, not having a lot of text and other great photography, much image.

The hackneyed phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" can not be more topical. Because today, in the XXI century, Everything enters through the eyes, and it is the means by which we try to reach customers with our products and our work, trying to create a perfect profile of our brand.

The value of the image data expressed restaurants

In establishments used to see how Menu items are photographed and they are prepared to be displayed in the window of the local, hoping that when viewed by customers, act as a ruse to push to get them and consume. The same applies to focus on the Social Media as, when Community Manager (CM) they click to publish a post on Facebook, They do many waiting likes, comments, shares e even attract new customers and restaurant reservations.

In the digital world, to achieve these goals there is only one way: analyze the tastes and needs of the audience. As the owner of the premises must make good pictures and "sell" While the concept of his restaurant in front of all your competition, the CM should be aware of what works between users and potential customers, and what not.

Analyzing the anatomy of the perfect Facebook post and ideal twit, we always find a common denominator: the picture. The main reason is the use of visual factor in social networks is, plain and simple, what manages to draw much more the attention of followers. Although one is reluctant to use an image in a tweet, You should be aware that, as a user, pay more attention to having the picture that consists of only text.

 According to statistics showing Twitter, Image tweets (Photography, Video GIF) They are retweeted up to 150% plus.

So much so, according to statistics showing Twitter, Image tweets (Photography, Video GIF) They are retweeted up to 150% plus. If publications are analyzed Facebook, one a visual impact reaches more than twice engagement post versus those that only contain text. This data is more revealing about the effect the images in our subconscious where, we wanted or not, greatly impact.

The image is retained, the text does not

Walking down the street one can realize the photographs factor playing in everyday life. Many personal choices are made based on the visual factor, and we're not aware that, when make a decision, the presence of the image in memory is key.

The famous "Having a photographic memory" It refers to one of the reasons why we should always use images in our publications. It is shown that, When people hear and read something, only retains 10% of that information three days later. Nevertheless, If a relevant image is added with the same content, the memory retention amounts to 65%.

No longer the impact of our visual memory in our subconscious surprising, But is that, after all, all memories are images. So that, walking down the street We distinguish without difficulty Mcdonalds, a Starbucks or one Vips with corporate imagen, the chairs, los stands, the uniforms, etc. Social networks should not be different, each has its own style and image, and likes to be recognized for it and we must achieve our restaurant.

For that reason, each photo used must have common features, must show who and how is the restaurant. This is a complicated task at first, but it is fundamental in creating a good perception of our restaurant in the minds of consumers. Is about use the images to create a visual identity powerful than, over time, allows the user to recognize the style of our establishment.

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Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.



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