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Sustainable restaurants, a global trend


In recent years the cuisine has given way to a new trend in which respect for the environment and commitment to a full menu of healthy natural products. Establishments that meet these requirements are known as sustainable restaurants. Many of them, In addition to sustainability, They have approached what is called kilometer kitchen 0; It is to stock up on products that come from an environment of maximum 100 kilometers. But not only the restaurants are aimed to be sustainable, Also various hotels, bars and cafes around the world have signed up to this practice.

All this is made possible by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (abbreviated SRA, its acronym in English). Back in 2010 born in the UK it is driven by the desire organization -to help both establishments know how to manage resources- as -for customers who are able to make the decision correctly. Through its website, www.thesra.org, It aims to lend a hand to those entrepreneurs who may have any doubts when starting your business. further, It includes a search engine restaurants for diners who want to find anywhere on the planet a menu prepared and cooked without damaging nature and the environment the least.

What began as an initiative of a single country -UK- already it is taken shape outside its borders: Spain, Denmark, Chile, U.S, Germany and Switzerland are some examples. A total of 21 countries are part of the latest list published by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, in which include 50 restaurants in the world more sustainable. To work it takes into account 14 various parameters: animal welfare, energy efficiency, responsible marketing and management of waste and resources, among others.

Following these bases, SRA can score with a local (good), of (Excellent) the three (exceptional) Sustainability stars. The rating is done on request of establishing free; Nevertheless, for the formalization of the same it has to pay 250 euros. In return, receives a sticker that includes the number of stars earned.

The more you score achieved and, so, It has taken the Sustainable Restaurant Award 2015 has been reported (Located in Copenhagen). It is characterized by more than 90% of ingredients included in the letter are obtained through organic production methods; as well as the fair treatment that gives the sugar and salt, those not chemically modified. Sustainable fish, meanwhile, It is one of the most outstanding dishes offered. But besides the food -what content offer and how you get them- It has also been awarded the continent -how you prepare those foods and how does-environment. In this last section is undoubted effort: uses recycled chairs and tables, It is illuminated with LED lights fixed, cooking through induction, bicycle delivery orders, turns leftovers into compost, develops healthy recipes for local schools, offering four years completely free for students wishing to learn the main cooking techniques.

his chef, Christian Puglisi He is proud of his work while acknowledging that in the past, when it was part of Noma and El Bulli, It did not care about sustainability. This changed at the time when it launched its own restaurant and began evaluating everything around this business. Puglisi recalls that sustainability is inevitable to understand when looking to make quality recipes, For practical and sustainable agriculture they are closely linked with the high standard of food.

If this year's winner of the Sustainable Restaurant Award has gone to Denmark, Last year the award went to Spain thanks to Azurmendi. This is a very similiar establishment Relae while care environment as possible by using photovoltaic panels to generate power; collecting rainwater, facilities including a charging station for electric cars, etc. Renowned three-star Michelin, Eneko Atxa He is a fervent advocate of local production. Nevertheless, You recognize that acquires foreign products as always contribute to maintaining the sustainability of an area or a family.

Beyond Azurmendi, in our country we can find a sustainable restaurant in almost any city. These are some of the best known: Casa José -in Madrid- It is characterized by having your own garden, thus making the vegetables are the main components of their dishes; Ca On Tone-en Mallorca- it fully supports preserving local production, yes, existing resources; The Sequé-in Alicante- It offers organic-natural products and distinguishes between vegetarian diners, diabetes and celiac; -in Girona Les Cols- allows compounds picnic lunch menus underused local ingredients; Ecological Gaia-in restaurant Sevilla- It is famous for offering a vegan diet, Gluten-free and vegetarian; Mama Campo, Els Casals, Guggenheim Y Andrew Genestra other establishments are committed to nature and living things.

All previous names are great leaders in the sector thanks to the good reviews they receive from customers. While it is true, sustainable cuisine is a very recent practice that is still developing worldwide. United Kingdom is, maybe, the country's dump with an initiative that is slowly reaping successes timid through the opening of new stores, creating partnerships, awards shows and implementation of web pages are some of them. The question we ask is: Will Win out among the middle class or be a toy available to very few?

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



  1. Thank you very much Diego, to share. You're beating every day. Large model of presentation.

    Jennifer also thank this great product, Restaurants sustainable without “buts” to put, only would a question:
    What added value would be given to the design of a sustainable kitchen, besides the cooking element is induction?

    • Diego Coquillat on

      Hello Agapito, Many thanks for your comment and review article by Jennifer, It really is very interesting. On the issue of sustainable cuisine that you raise, there are some items to consider, for example, the use of environmentally friendly materials to create the environment, such as recycled wood, illumination through leds, in machinery we will choose those models that we ensure efficient energy consumption, painting use one that does not have organic compounds…definitely a kitchen that is respectful of the environment.

  2. Very interesting article, but I have a query: it is stated that the website of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (abbreviated SRA, its acronym in English) is: Restaurantessostenibles.com (Professional Forum Sustainable Restoration).

    But what I check, I think that information is not correct and that, for otherwise the website would: http://www.thesra.org/

    I wish I could clarify this fact.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hi Lorena, Thanks for your comment. effectively, after checking it, it seems that the website of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (abbreviated SRA, its acronym in English) You are joining us as you well http://www.thesra.org/ . Thank you very much for the tip, we have already corrected.

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