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The T.G.I restaurants. Fridays ingresan 150 million extra dollars thanks to a chatbot


Follow the good business practices They detected in the sector Restoration is one of the best tips I can give you an owner.

The difficulty lies in detecting what is good and what is not. Very often changes in the business model are strongly correlated with increased sales volume or in the improving the user experience from clients. Nevertheless, links correlation does not imply causality by; this is, change can happen for any other reason, even one out of our scope of action.

Good business practice that is actually well documented is the use of latest technological developments to revalue our products or to find new niches unexplored market.

A perfect case study is the American restaurant chain food T.G.I Fridays, a franchise with more than 900 establishments 60 countries, with presence in Spain, Mexico and much of Central America and South America. En T.G.I Fridays, They have experienced increased revenue 100% in one of its business lines: the takeaway and home delivery.

They have achieved this through a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to enhance its effectiveness. The result could not be more promising: the volume of business involving online orders have gone from a mere 5% a not inconsiderable 10%. basically They have doubled its business segment off-premise.

It may seem when it comes to percentage increases, but if you consider that we speak of a franchise with a market value of 3000 millions of dollars, things change. Soon we are showing that the company has generated 150 million additional revenue simply to strengthen its online presence with a chatbot.

Technological innovations can be cumbersome for much restorers with little technical knowledge. Nevertheless, with appropriate training, these systems can be operated without too much difficulty.

He chatbot equipped with machine learning (or artificial intelligence, as it regards the specification CEO experience T.G.I. Fridays, Sherif Mityas) improves with each interaction with customers, offering more informative increasingly timely responses and information to users.

Currently the communication channels used by the chatbot to start a conversation with potential consumers are Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Who, Alexa Amazon and integrated standard on cars last generation of General Motors Service.

The company responsible for the successful chatbot is Conversable, a company already known in the sector which has already caused furor over its trade relations with large companies catering: Whole Foods, Pizza Hut, Budweiser, Shake Shack ... His popularity is such that even businesses that have nothing to do with the restoration, as can be the case with Sony Pictures and Viacom, and they want to have it.

Nevertheless, what truly makes it stand out T.G.I Fridays is not the use of chatbot, but they have integrated with a plethora of additional services that are customized to deliver a unique experience in the market and allowing them to connect more directly and personally with their customers.

Specific, Sherif said that they are expecting Conversable services for artificial intelligence engine Aqua, bot real brains behind the text. On the other hand they rely on the emerging company Amperity to collect and reuse data so that the conversations that happen after a particular client are already customized.

The scanning service Voice of start-up Rauxa It helps convert texts in a voice that is already identified with the corporate image of T.G.I. Fridays. Finally, they use a virtual bartender mixing cocktails, this futuristic service is provided by Hypergiant and leaves dumbfounded that are dropped by the restaurant bar.

T.G.I. Fridays is well placed as a clear example to follow as far as technology adoption is concerned. The changes that have undertaken are deeply transformative, hundred percent prepared for a completely digital age is upon us and, to make matters worse, very profitable economically; those 150 millions of dollars are hard to ignore.

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