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“Restaurants and receive half the 40% so their reservations online” José Isasa – Institutional Relations Director ElTenedor


we interviewed José de Isasa, Director of Institutional Relations ElTenedor in Spain. Your goal in the largest online reservation portal in Spain, It is to promote the connection of the company with key players both gastronomic sector, as business and government.

1.- What are the main conclusions drawn by ElTenedor on the digitization of the sector 2019?

The sector has advanced greatly in recent years and although much remains to be done, the most important step is given: restaurateurs are aware of the great help that pose new technologies for your business, in addition to the inevitability of its implementation. For several years, thanks to apps like ElTenedor and management tool ago ElTenedor Manager, restaurants have realized how important new technologies is to be present on the Internet and use to optimize your business.

Definitely, save time and money. In fact, currently the restaurants receive half the 40% so stocks online and more and more restaurants incorporating new devices such as phones or tablets in their daily management. Soon the technology has become an indispensable partner establishments.

2.- What are the challenges for the year ElTenedor 2020?

Our main mission is to be at the side of restaurants, help them in everything they need, providing tools that improve their business, generating traffic to your room and work together on what should be the future of our restoration.

We have over 10 years promoting the digitization of the sector, helping restaurants in their daily lives and business generándoles, in 2018 generate industry 1.400 millions of euros, what I meant 79 million additional meals and dinners.

3.- Artificial intelligence is growing in managing restaurants through chatbots, What will be the impact of virtual assistants in managing reserves?

Chatbots, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence… The stage is full of disruptive tools that transform the catering industry and responding to that mission we mentioned earlier, we are incorporating them into our proposal to restoration.

The technology is evolving at great speed and need to seize it and implement it, but let us not ask what diners seeking? They seek experiences, He looks for trends, innovation, So technology ..., We investigate well what they want and see how we adapt what that is market demand.

4.- You have taken a big step with the globalization of the company, What are the major similarities and differences that you are in the different markets where you are present?

Currently we operate in 22 countries and 3 different continents with a network of more than 80.000 restaurants. Actually the catering industry works similarly in different countries of the group, globally is an industry that is being digitized step by step.

Reservations via mobile succeed in most markets, day more reserves are usually on Saturdays dinners and local cuisine usually quite successful. As for the differences we can find, obviously average ticket most consumed varies and anticipation of reservations, for example, Amsterdam reservations are made much earlier than in Madrid or Lisbon. Really differences, as you can see, go united to local habits and customs that the functioning of the sector itself.

5.- Going to participate in the next edition of ExpoHIP and also Partner Awards are The Best Digital Restaurants 2020. Tell us what news shall present at the fair and you supposed to participate in these awards that recognize the best chefs, restaurants and maîtres digital.

HIP are present in several actions. Apart from our participation as partners awards The Best Digital Restaurant 2020, we have been supporting since its founding, and several conferences that participate in the main stages, HIP arrived at a booth we want is a meeting place for the whole sector.

We will have a conference nearby area, almost talk show format, with several of our partners where we discuss related to the management of different subjects restaurants, such as managing social networks, online reputation, the challenge of sustainability in the sector, how to end the no-show or the best ways to maximize the profitability of a restaurant.

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