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The challenges facing the Horeca sector in Spain, as the principal leaders of Congress #AECOCHORECA


The first day of 16HORECA th Congress of AECOC He has left many reflections for analysis, forecasts, trends, ideas and some challenges that it faces in industry. More of 600 leaders and managers together in one forum they are discussing the present and the future of the sector #HORECA.

During the first day, there have been different surveys through the app congressional, where present have responded questions of interest with feedback.

Then, share the answers and the main conclusions to the challenges the sector has, according to the views of managers and leaders at the Congress #AECOCHORECA

Mobility affect the traditional distribution model in hospitality

new challenges open to adapt fleets to the new requirements of large cities

The sector detects a bubble in the sale of companies related to HORECA, there seems to be an overstatement

Let a deal through third shared platforms that connect suppliers with restaurants

Sale over the Internet is already a reality in the HORECA industry

Online sales figures are not excessively high, so there is a great opportunity for growth in the coming years

The e-commerce will be imposed as a trading system in the sector

Robotization the sector will have to wait a few years and the forecast will be between 2020 Y 2030

new funding possibilities appear for the HORECA industry

The first day of Congress left us #AECOCHORECA main conclusions: increased mobility in big cities, the increase Online sales, the connection between suppliers and restaurants throughout third platforms and the emergence of robots in business.

On the second day of the congress, he main topic is the delivery, on which analyze both the current situation and the path it has in Spain and new technologies to improve this service food delivery.

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