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Waiters robots endanger the minibar service hotels


The robotics it could wipe out some of the elements related to food in the catering and hotel sector.

If all goes well, It would be the case of mini-bars that appear in many hotel chains high level. With the advent of automation using robotic solutions, refrigerators traditional small have their days numbered.

Instead it would have robotic vending machines, that would not be limited to serving simple drinks, but also they have the ability to prepare cocktails complexes where in addition to fruit juices spirits be used, sweet confections, spices and preparation techniques advanced.

This level of automation is currently getting in vending machines last generation robotized thanks to the use of articulated arms, smart kitchen equipment and software versatile, often it based on AI or machine learning.

Thus there are already models on the market that give the possibility to passersby to enjoy artisan french bread, drinking a freshly brewed coffee top quality or enjoy a select tea. Cocktails and alcoholic beverages will be no exception.

In the field of restoration applied to the hospitality industry, Savioke It is a company that is already providing industry professionals with robots rushing assistants work distribution within the facility.

a system of food distribution is well implemented within the building. And the benefits of the contraption not refer only to the improved user experience they perceive those who stay at the hotel. Responsible for business reduce the chances of theft, which they have much impact in mini-bars.

Spurred turnover is as well. This is because thanks to the automated distribution via robots, guests can shop conveniently from any room of the items available in the shop of the hotel or restaurant. Every whim of customers are satisfied, and this results in an increase in the economic performance of the business, and a amortization best stays busy by visitors.

The Relay model produced in Savioke can run all day. Deliveries take less than five minutes, and service applicants do not have to give any tip, which would be usual with staff in the area where they operate (California, OF. UU.).

But Relay is not the only model robotics restoration that has carved a niche in hotels. In the chain Aloft Hotels They have re program:fuel, a refreshment point for a robotic fleet composed automata. The Botlr are machines capable of meeting customer demands. Within its powers all those tasks required to carry snacks are listed, drinks and menus complete from the collection point to the chamber where hosts who have made the request.

For large hotel franchises is clear that the minibar has no place in the XXI century. cristella shrink, executive director and vice president of sales and marketing for Mobile Simple, indicates that in the catering and hospitality, "Founded on human interaction and personalization industries, both innovation and technology have greatly improved the guest experience and increase the efficiency of staff.

Clearly, these businesses want to incorporate robots in operation, such as to automate the work of a receptionist. However, It is unlikely to replace all jobs, rather it will be a great complement for repetitive and mechanical tasks'.

Other professionals with extensive experience in the sector are not so clear. Pierre Agrario, vice president and general ledger account management Bartech, Minibars doubt that will disappear with the advent of robotics for restoration.

However, Agricultural keeps a site also for robots. In the view of Bartech, robots take care of the replenishment task, freeing staff checks chamber consume huge amounts of time.

A) Yes, find out what they have consumed bottles, which they were used without reaching completion, removing containers refrigerator, bring new bottles from the pantry and issuing a purchase request for those who are out would tasks that would play an automaton specialized maintenance services in chambers.

From Bartech feel reluctant to any other advancement of robotics in relation to food consumption from room. According to an internal analysis conducted with data itself, the extraordinary consumption of drinks and food is made impulsively. Any friction that is given at that moment that emerges will in the consumer cause a possible change of mind. Since robotics is not yet a generalized solution in such cases, It is expected that the ignorance that has on the operation of the system could scupper those extra sales succulent.

Botlr developers could not agree less. Your system is managed from an intuitive mobile application simple and. For the customer using the service provided by the robots is no different to place an order online from any of the apps commonly used phones.

The reality on hotels Aloft, where visitors are delighted with robots, only confirms his vision. Thanks to automata, guests will not feel judged late in the morning when they ask for dishes to eat Bedridden. further, robots arrival signaled through the application, so that the entire transaction is performed in the easiest possible way for the applicant.

In any case, and Robotics continues to evolve at this rate, it is clear that the mini bars of the future, if they exist, no longer be managed in the same way as old, and this will be a breakthrough for both managers and consumers.

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