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Future X robots Restaurant cook, They serve and also entertain children


The robotics restoration can completely change the concept that is eating away from home. Not only minimizes time staff dedicated to repetitive tasks that do not add real value to the user experience of visitors, but workers who are free can focus on serving customers with far superior treatment.

El restaurante X Future Restaurant No. 0001 which he opened in late November 2018 en Tianjin (China) It is an example of what above exposed. Only instead of using staff to improve customer treatment, some of the powers in this sense also delegated to the PLCs operating at this.

The initiative is headed by Li Xiaokui and comes from the hand JD.com one of the technological giants of the Asian country. Robotics restoration becomes particularly relevant here because all processes are automated. A demonstration of the possibilities of a current interactive restaurant. Payments, cooked, waiter service, requests…, robots are responsible for all. A true sign of technological innovation!

The only diners have to sit at the table and brandishing your mobile phone. This device will allow you to boot experience. With the hand terminal, They can use the camera and app Mobile local to scan the QR codes of the items shown in the chart.

When visitors have decided what will be your food, only need to confirm your selection. As they do, a computer directs the robots kitchen to recreate the dish to perfection. The robots are in charge of the kitchen able to prepare all dishes with a presentation and impeccable taste, the result has nothing to envy those who could have cooked a chef.

When the dish is ready to serve comes the turn of the fleet of robots camaraderie, They are using a virtual mapping of the establishment known by the acronym SLAM to get the right table.

In the meantime, customers have been enjoying virtual reality games and media issued through a projector. Thus, X Future Restaurant affects its image as an interactive restaurant, which it attracts both Chinese residents and foreigners who are passing through Tianjin.

As indicated by a Ukrainian customer, what is more surprising that robots can play with the kids, even. A true user experience outside the usual.

JB.com and Xiaokui have high hopes for the future of these restaurants. The market sector in China accounts for about half a trillion euros. Increased efficiency and cost reduction makes the X Future Restaurant in an advantageous position, It is why in his name has been included serial number: this place is the first of many.

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