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Robots could jeopardize the future of employment in restaurants


Replace humans in fast food restaurants. So the proposition flatly towards which is aimed sounds Momentum Machines, last May managed to raise up 18 million in its first round of funding with this futuristic, new, but also disturbing thought.

Although nothing should not go wrong track when the main company US companies have taken to invest their capital in them, such as GV, before Google Ventures, an arm of venture capital investment company or Khosla Ventures, another US venture capital firm focused on business dedicated to Internet, Computing, mobile, silicon technology or biotechnology, They found in its initial phase.

The world of fast food robotic

already 2012, Momentum Machines He presented a robot able to produce an average of 400 burgers every hour and working completely autonomously. This meant cutting the ingredients, put the burgers on the grill, and assembling or packaging the final product without the help of humans, getting first fully automated traceability in the process.

Nevertheless, although the company has been working for a year, There are no opening date for the restaurant 100% robotized. What there is location and is expected to be located in the South of Market district in San Francisco.

At the same time, the inhabitants of San Francisco are not novices in the culinary experiences offered by cyborgs. In 2015, futuristic food chain Eatsa, He opened a restaurant in the center of the city in addition to being vegetarian, He specialized in the use of sustainable materials such as quinoa bowls, collecting food for the menu and elaborations automation of some processes such as, orders.

The bet was successful, and just two years later we can find other restaurants of this new chain also in Washington, D.C. and New York.

These changes, along with other typical features the industry 4.0 and digital transformation process that is occurring in the different sectors of economic activity, could be the cause of a possible increase in unemployment where large numbers of workers lose their jobs they would take machines.

The problem is not a pittance and already in cities like San Francisco have begun to release political proposals as consideration of implement a "tax robot" to help offset the possible economic drama that implantation Robotic hand large-scale work could result.

The disappearance of humans in repetitive production processes

Although robotic systems proposed by Momentum Machines suppress the need for a team of cooks, It is most likely still be required the involvement of human personnel.

However, and as we could read in Business Insider, the vision of the company regarding the increasing deployment of robots in repetitive production processes is not at all pessimistic: "Robots get to work autonomously in the kitchen is good because it can promote employment growth. In the sense that automation would allow the company to hire new employees to further develop their technology. " According to statements by the company itself in the year 2012, Nevertheless, It remains to be seen the impact of a robotized kitchen.

For now are projects with major companies that have to finance them see how they evolve and are able to change a human reality to another robotics in restaurants. Time and progress say.

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