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Uber secrets Eats which show the huge food market at home


What Uber Eats It is the only business venture of the parent company, exercise after exercise, closes with positive economic results, It is an open secret. Nevertheless, This does not mean that we know everything about the future of the company, quite the contrary.

After delivery of relevant documentation to the initial public offering of shares Uber sale held last April, All we know is that we know very little about the company. The following are some of the most important revelations that can be drawn from the reports submitted as a preliminary step to ON V.

  • The increase in turnover as gross orders increased 500% between 2017 Y 2018. The company experienced an unstoppable growth.
  • The expansion of the company has just begun. The market reaching much higher the fraction in which is currently present. Even in places where the company operates, the market penetration can be much higher. The report specifically mint has only caught a 1% the territory that can control.
  • Uber encourages Eats Mainstreaming of customers among different business initiatives directing the matrix. It also serves as a catalyst for loyalty in the community. Most new users in the public transport arrives Uber Uber Eats, and users Uber Eats They use up to three times more cars Uber to move than those who have never ordered takeaways across the company.
  • In the relationship between delivery company and restaurant food delivery, Uber Eats is the gainer. Therefore partnerships with independent restaurants and restaurant chains could be interpreted as organized an asset of the company. The more partners, greater market value.
  • Riddle drivers performing at Uber is not so picky when it comes to Uber Eats, This is a double-edged sword because, but it facilitates and speeds up recruitment, the quality of supplies and food security could be compromised sometime. Uber Eats presented here one of its major concerns in the operation of its service reparto.iA in retaining its percentage of orders, Uber Eats benefits from those you command more distended. In fact, changes in consumer habits of users Eats Uber can affect the average percentage obtained as profit after one year. The restructuring of applicable retention levels must be revised each year.
  • In the end, Eats Uber can not operate on their own. Its success is directly linked to restaurants. If they throw the closing, Uber Eats also lost turnover.

These points highlight some of the aspects that Uber Eats, although theorizing, They had never been confirmed internally from the company. That has changed now.

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