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Smartphones change the way customers relate to restaurants


Gastrouniversia is online and classroom training in restaurant management and F&B Hotelero. It is increasingly common to see customers restaurants sharing your dining experience through your smartphone or smartphone, so relatábamos in an article entitled “He 80% people is pending mobile while eating” we published a few months ago in this digital newspaper.

But I would like to emphasize an earlier stage, in the inspiration phase where the mobile phone is the same or more character than the consumption stage, as more and more restaurant customers take their decision conditioned by information they find off the screen of your smartphone.

This fact can not be overlooked for the sector, should propose elements of participation and dynamism to its customers through these devices, as these, thanks to technology, They are changing the way they relate to restaurants.

It is very important to remember at this point that Spain leads the world in smartphone penetration rate, a 96% of the adult population has a mobile phone and a 80% smartphone.

What customers are looking restaurants in mobile applications?

Because according to NRA the Association of American Restaurants, restaurants customers are using their smartphones to:

-He 83% looking times, the location or address Restaurant
-He 75% He wants to see the letter, menus and prices
-He 55% Read and user comments about the restaurant
-He 50% access and redeem awards, promotions or offers
-He 32% You pay the restaurant bill through your smartphone

It is for these reasons that hoteliers have to reflect on this data and creating experiences around the use of mobile mainly based on two principles:

1.- Providing items of value through their mobile applications which are consistent with the lifestyle of the new user, They must be customized, innovative and authentic.

2.- Generate possible alliances with partners who have extensive experience in loyalty programs for mobile users and allow customers get extra benefits their consumption in restaurants.

Recruitment programs and customer loyalty through the app's

In the year 2015 in United States a 54% diners used their smartphones to get promotions or offers at restaurants, compared with the year 2014 an increase of 51%. This has led to loyalty programs through the smartphone in the restaurant industry have outperformed other with a figure of 54 millions of people who can interact with them.

But also, more than a half, namely a 58% consumers are inactive not because it brings them no value or are too complex to use directly.

Applications acquisition and retention through the smartphone for restaurant customers They must meet the following requirements:

1.- They must be very simple to use and understand
2.- The benefits must have a high emotional or monetary value
3.- The benefits must be achievable, easy to get
4.- They should generate a high association with restaurant customers

The aim is to attract new users, these become customers, repeat visits and increase the average cost of their tickets.

A very interesting element in these applications are Cross-Promotions, according to a survey conducted in United States in the year 2015 the benefits that Americans prefer these programs are: he 37% fuel savings, he 32% cash back on credit card and 25% coupons to consume on site.

We can not forget that 68% of adult Americans have a smartphone, when we compared with data 2011 was 35%, In addition the 45% these also owns a tablet. In some age groups this data soar, specific Between the ages from 18 a 49 years more than one 83% people with smartphones.

Large chains compete in innovation developing applications for new customers

Franchises are positioning themselves in this market niche, companies like Domino’s Y Starbucks They offer very user-friendly applications with orders placed with one click and in many cases get free product rewards for just download the application.

And it seems that the strategy is working very well under the next data, as the Mexican food franchise Taco Bell has increased 30% average customer spending via mobile phones compared to stores. For his part in Starbucks, payment by mobile phone already accounts 10% transaction made in high volume restaurants, which it contributes directly to increased sales of the company.

All this digital trail that diners are generating around their activity, preferences, behaviors and payments in restaurants It is a very valuable information that we analyze to know the digital behavior of new customers and to offer valuable elements that allow personalize your experience and loyalty. Is about incorporate big data strategies based on consumption patterns that allow us to offer specific products that improve their overall experience, Lest we forget that already has many offline and online components.

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  1. Mobile has become an element in the client's stay in the restaurant, thus, establishments must be made aware of their mobile devices, in order to make them more item for sale.

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