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Supermarkets restaurants and bars open to enhance the shopping experience of its customers


Managing a restaurant is a challenge. Industry professionals must demonstrate a good deal of adaptability as the environment is very volatile, and also are changing user demands and needs of society.

These purely social factors also add the technological nature. Immersed in the era of digital transformation restaurants, the template is very often technical difficulties to get the most out of the latest innovations.

The training hours accumulate, and likewise the costs or investments derived from those activities accumulate. further, the fact of that the staff learning period is increasingly dilated prevents proper flow of hiring and firing. Both decisions are delayed knowing the economic consequences involving, and thus the service gets worse and the client user experience degrades.

Keeping a food establishment as a grocery store, A greengrocer, a bakery or supermarket is not a simple task.

However it seems that some of those involved in this other sector of food service levels not want to put the scope of its operations. It can be a blessing or a mistake.

More and more supermarkets that offer some sort of restoration experience. Thus arises a new kind of hybrid ranging from timid bars bar that can be found in some Whole Foods, Luxury restaurants integrated food shops gourmet or as he announced a few days ago supermarkets Day in Spain, bars within each shopping center.

In any case, the challenges restaurateurs and food vendors face not disappear when putting together both local, but add and, in many cases, also they multiplied.

A) Yes, Figure supermarket with restaurant is no panacea to ensure business success. However itself is a way to seize new opportunities often unknown.

The profile of the successful restaurant supermarket usually have one thing in common, at some point in the past these businesses have developed the restaurant business with a certain level of benefits.

Is the case, for example, of the Hy-Vee o del Buehler’s, before taking the big step of becoming integrated into two separate restaurants shops they went through a period of pure restoration that popularized.

For stores without prior history in the world of restoration, things are very different. Some of the problems with which these bold entrepreneurs will find are:

  • ergonomic enclosure design and organizational efficiency of tasks.
  • Hiring professionals and granting of incentives that retain.
  • Investment in equipment and training of human resources.
  • Need to observe regulations on food safety Additional.
  • Optimization efforts on marketing.

Despite the difficulties, supermarkets are struggling to grab a portion of the catering sector, a market segment that priori not their, and generally they know much.

Limitations aside, the major surfaces could change radically over the next five years and the presence of restaurants in the grocery store generalizable after a decade to such an extent that younger may not remember the models that dominate the stage retail at this moment.

The consulting firm for restaurants Technomic provides that in the short term implementation of small bets (such as Whole Foods bars or brasseries aforementioned starting to appear in some Spanish supermarkets) It will increase, and probing the opportunities for grocery stores with a relatively low risk.

The prime example from the point of view of Technomic is Panera Bread, the famous brand of bakeries which also offers space for socializing and tasting local products is creating within furor on US soil, and the investment they have made for it is not exaggerated.

And the reality is that the costs of adaptation do not have to be elefantíacos. They defers to small additions that add value such as a WiFi, reserved for tables or digital points customizing dishes space.

The only alternative to supermarkets Restaurant are included collaborations in terms of mutual benefit between the two types of businesses. This pathway is less explored, but there are big names who dare to try. If Starbucks is shown distributed by several Safeways US. THE. The movement also gets traction in environments of greater humility, in the case of Hy-Vee, who just signed a contract with Wahlburgers.

Originality when it comes to exploring new ways to increase sales will, as usual, one of the factors that decide how and what restaurants are close.

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