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Vegetable substitutes for eggs arrive in Europe


The adherents to flexitarianism, vegetarianism and veganismo they already make up a 9.9% of the Spanish population according to the report The Green Revolution 2019 performed by Lantern. A value that would once cause disbelief is just one more intermediate point in the gradual abandonment of ingredients of animal origin.

The growth of the aforementioned consumer habits is unquestionable. However, the food industry is still unable to offer the products that this cohort demands. Being vegan is Spain is difficult. The market has not yet imported the items that are sold in other parts of Europe.

The replenishers of the supermarkets of Germany, Scandinavia and the Netherlands place plant-based substitutes for meats, dairy products (Including cheese and ice cream!) and a multitude of prepared dishes on the shelves of the diet section. This is how customers are satisfied, in some urban areas, It is composed in a 25% for vegetarians and vegans.

In recent years the food industry, spurred on by large investments and the entry of start-ups disruptive and food giants like Kraft Foods O Nestlé, has managed to recreate some products of animal origin that until then were a stumbling block in the widespread adoption of veganism.

The quintessential example is that of cheese. Elena Bottle, a writer who loves vegan gastronomy ready — ordered, Scored & Analyzed - Highest Cache Vegan Cheeses. Violife cheddar is considered as the end of caseology based on products of plant origin.

And with the cheese hurdle overcome ..., What food was left to convert? The egg hides under its simplicity a huge challenge for the industry. In some parts of the world they already have substitutes, but in Europe there are none satisfactory. This could change in late 2021 when, as scheduled by Eat Just, the JUST Egg, company flagship.

Sustainable food, plant substitutes and fair trade with Eat Just

Eat Just is one of the many startups that have sprung up as a result of the new vegan consumption habits. The company, previously known as Hampton Creek Foods and Beyond Eggs, has been operating 10 years from its headquarters in San Francisco (California, OF. UU.). In this time they have achieved investor attention, the interest of international certification bodies and the loyalty of vegan consumers.

Throughout the decade they have developed various plant substitutes to contribute to the sustainability in the world of food, catering and hospitality. The first three years were devoted to fundraising, develop technology and search for plant ingredients whose organoleptic characteristics allow to imitate the qualities of a chicken egg.

A first step on this arduous path was Just MAYO, mahonesa vegana that was a first in the market. This milestone built Eat Just's reputation in the marketplace and even prompted Unilever to engage them in a legal battle.: the company's mayonnaise was too good not to be real mayonnaise.

The climax would come at the end of March 2021. So the company obtained 200 additional million dollars in financing. A contribution led by the sovereign investment fund of the State of Qatar. With this economic influx, Eat Just intends to carry its flagship product, JUST Egg, to the European market.

JUST Egg: egg without animal suffering

Periodically the horrors of overcrowded poultry farms emerge through the nets. It is not uncommon for viral videos and infographics dealing with the issue to cause disgust or rejection.. Crammed animals, sick and exploited in inhumane conditions. Chicks discarded as soon as they are born. Horrors of an industry that has nothing to do with the folksy chickens and rustic chicken coops that our ancestors might have.

JUST Egg, the article that Eat Just tries to introduce in the European Economic Community, is a Vegetable substitute for the traditional egg that is delivered beaten and bottled, ready to be prepared as an omelette, scrambled or complement to another recipe. In addition to fighting against animal cruelty and combating the anthropocene climate lack of control, JUST Egg is also healthier than a regular egg. his lower caloric content is due in part to the absence of cholesterol and saturated fat.

Eggs are the most consumed animal protein on the planet. Eat Just aspires to be the largest vegan egg supplier on Earth. His trajectory is promising, According to company statistics they have sold bottles of JUST Egg in an amount equivalent to 100 million eggs. And all this thanks to some unknown beans from Southeast Asia.

The secret behind Eat Just's beaten egg is the Jewish Mungo, a high protein seed typical of the pantropical region, where local people grow it on a small scale, because they know its high nutritional value. Now this fabe escapes from the self-consumption orchards of Asia and tropical Africa to project itself on the world scene.

It only remains to know if, once processed and converted into an egg substitute, the Jewish Mungo will have the doors open in the European Union.

The last barrier. Europe protects its citizens

The pandemic has changed how major events are held around the world. The forum case New Food Conference de 2021 it was not going to be different. On this occasion, it was held in a delocalized way and via digital. Josh Tetrick, current CEO of Eat Just, I was one of the guests at the conference.

During the same, the assistants questioned him about the company's expansion plans, to which he replied that are working hand in hand with European regulatory agencies to launch JUST Egg in the EU. Tetrick was decidedly optimistic.

Nevertheless, Previous negotiations between US food industry magnates and the European government have shown that local regulators are stricter than their American counterparts. At the moment, no information has been disclosed about the documentation that Eat Just has been able to deliver to the European administration. Therefore, the cheerful statements of the CEO should be judged with caution..

At best the EFSA (European Food Safery Authority) will declare JUST Egg suitable for human consumption and its commercialization in the union within a few months. We will look forward to the news since if it is approved there will be no doubt about the benefits of the product.

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