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sugar trap, the robot bartender who has already served more than 2 cocktails million


Makr Shakr Srl is a company founded in Torino (Italy) by architect Carlo Ratti. The germ that allowed this idea bloomed part of one of the events which regularly coordinates the technology company par excellence, Google.

In 2013 sprang from the mind of Ratti the possibility of using articulated robots supported by artificial intelligence tasks which hitherto were not coming using. Ratti dreamed export robots that began to appear in the assembly most advanced and democratize business technology minor.

That reality seven years ago was dreaming architect materialized in mid-August 2019, when the core of the London’s Barbican Centre the crowds swirled around a barista specializing in mixology that had nothing to do with the stereotype that we all have in mind about these workers.

Efficiency and ease to the preparation of a Martini with passion fruit left enthusiastic attendees, then they realized that the robotics Restore is but a step in the technological transformation currently taking place in restaurants of all the world.

The robot pioneer of specialized cooking mixtures of alcoholic concoctions do furor then. Named after the company that gave birth, Makr Shakr the market has entered full, achieving, on merit, gain a foothold in hotels, events and even cruises as those managed by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Where he has already served more than 2 million and cocktails at a rate of 120 cocktail hour.

Both Ratti as the executive director of Makr Shakr, Emanuele Rosetti, They are excited about the future of robotics for restoration.

Passing of automata used in automotive robots specialized kitchen was not easy, but it is a challenge overcome and left behind. Although the base between controllers for each of these applications is the same, there are small details that differ, and that is where the design work carried out by specialists Makr Shakr shines.

The robots are equipped with cooking utensils as disparate, It must take into consideration that the trousseau of a kitchen is very varied since many tasks, different but interconnected, those that take place in this room. PLCs can use dispensers Makr Shakr, knives, stirrers and other tools.

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Another fundamental difference between the articulated arms of heavy industries and its analogues, food mixers, It is the use of artificial intelligence. In factories repetitive motion in the assembly allow classical programming in which the speed and trip times of the motors are the only variables to control. The setting of the restaurant is much more demanding from a computational point of view, and this is partly what justifies that so far robotics solutions for restoration counted with fingers. AI has come to change this picture, Rosetti says that thanks to this technology for restaurants have managed to interact with human workers, what is, clearly, a new achievement in cobótica.

The future of the restaurant goes through a strong implementation of robotics and it shows the business outlook and market strategy Makr Shakr. In just a few years managed to reduce the manufacturing cost of each of its automatons one million euros just 99 000. This has been achieved thanks to two years in which investment in technology and engineering has exceeded all limits.

Now, with a viable model for market, Ratti and Rosetti rush to accelerate production of its model, so that in autumn this year to leave between 70 Y 80 units the assembly.

Since the widespread adoption of robotic solutions for restoration is almost a reality, the Italian company is exploring other niches parallel which can occupy making small changes to your model. Among the possibilities they are shuffled managers flipping burgers, the cooked fritters, Mix salad or preparing coffee.

Another shared business prospects by Rosetti concerns the vital importance of information. At the same time that sugar trap It becomes a leader in technology for restaurants, It is also moving briskly to join robotics, artificial intelligence and macrodata. In respect of this last point the CEO says they have a basis of information gathered after serving 1.3 cocktails million worldwide. The analysis shows that volume of information significant hidden trends regarding how consumers interact with the cocktail bars.

In Makr Shakr are fully convinced that Restore robotics it is about to cause a revolution in the sector. predictably, robots are cheaper and make fewer mistakes than human workers, and this is a value that restorers operations of medium and large not be able to ignore.

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