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Makro launches a guide with the digital solutions and services that the hospitality industry needs

  • The Guide to Digital Solutions and Services for bars and restaurants offers tools for the growth of your activity, the management of the business and the control of the expenses that it entails
  • Through Hospitality 360, Makro offers its own solutions, in addition to the possibility of obtaining exclusive conditions with collaborators such as Santander, Onesite (Indra), Too Good To Go, Miss Tipsi, Cooltra, Hosteleo y Mox, among other

macro, as a partner of the hospitality industry, maintains a firm commitment to digital processing of the bars and restaurants of our country. In this sense, and within the framework of its Hospitality initiative 360, has launched the Digital Solutions and Services Guide for hospitality businesses by the hand of 16 collaborating organizations.

Thus, the company offers its own and third-party solutions to guide the hotelier on their path of digital transformation, providing exclusive advantages to its clients. Among the collaborators are Santander, Onesite (Indra), Too Good To Go, Miss Tipsi, Cooltra, Hosteleo y Mox, among others.

This Guide is part of the project Hostelry 360, an initiative that evolved the Makro business model towards a strategic concept in which, in addition to continuing to offer its customers a wide assortment of food and non-food products for the hospitality industry, the company is also a facilitator of all kinds of digital solutions and services for bars and restaurants.

In the words of Martha Gomez, Head of Digital Solutions at Makro: “the process of digital transformation of bars and restaurants is a challenge. We have been advancing on the path for years, but now more than ever, it is essential that they have our support and advice. This guide is a great step for our hoteliers to have a roadmap to start optimizing their businesses ".

Strategic agreements to promote the digitization of the Spanish hospitality industry

Makro's collaboration with these 16 companies seeks to help hoteliers in the main areas of their business: the boost or growth of your activity, the management and optimization of your business and the control of the expenses that this entails.

In the field of promotion or growth of its activity, This guide offers Makro proprietary solutions that help hoteliers grow their businesses as Dish Order, an order management system through the bars and restaurants' own website; and also tools for the creation of a website and the management of the establishment's reservations, all of them free of commissions for the hotelier. These services are complemented by agreements with third parties such as Cooltra, delitbee, Haiso, oh soon, that seek to improve efficiency and complement food delivery and / or take away services. On the other hand, Makro also offers the possibility of managing the digital communication and image of bars and restaurants through its collaboration with Yondbee o Aplus Gastromarketing.

In the field of business management and optimization, Makro has approached professionalized complementary services focused on the Horeca channel. A) Yes, It has the support of Too Good To Go to reduce shrinkage and decrease food waste; Miss Tipsi for the organization of the point of sale of the business, Andy for the digitization of HACCP, O Santander and Onesait Accounts, that help in financial matters. Meanwhile, Makro offers its own solution, Cockpit, intended for business administration and the pursuit of profitability.

Finally, Makro tries to facilitate the management of the usual expenses in the restaurant sector, such as personnel cost and supply control. Hand Hosteleo O Linkers, hoteliers will be able to count on human resources consulting services and personnel selection. On the other hand, has been associated with ACE to optimize investment in supplies and with licecia Y RZero to improve cleaning processes, disinfection and quality.

macro, commitment to the structural digitization of the HORECA channel

The company, in this commitment to the digitization of the sector, It is also part as a tractor company of ConnectHOS, he Digital transformation cluster led by Hospitality of Spain and made up of four of the main supplier companies in the sector: macro, Coca Cola, Mahou San Miguel and Pernod Ricard. It is a historical alliance that aims to define and execute a set of plans that allow accelerating the digital transformation process of the hospitality sector in Spain.


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