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Malabusca Gin, Mediterranean gin conquest hospitality


Malabusca is a gin with a story to tell. Since the origin of its name, going through the process of its construction, to final sensations arising as a result of taking a perfect serve, the catarla: unctuous mouth and original, with a spicy finish and looked deliciously bitter touch; Y, in Balsamic nose, fresh and lively.

"A very Mediterranean gin" that "is wholeheartedly" as expressed respectively Oscar Ondoño, representante of Malabusca, and Cesar Ramirez, director de Marketing, who reported to this newspaper of its history, which it is already a four-year road, and where, in less than twelve months on the market, He led them to San Francisco World Spirits Festival, in California (U.S), where it was granted Malabusca the Silver Medal 2018, putting it to compete among the best in the world.

"We wanted to make a serious gin, but once the rabble; the best in the world, with a fancy name and gulf at a time ", Ramirez said, adding that it is "a gin made for pleasure and the joy of living".

Ondoño characterizes Malabusca as a versatile gin, because it can take before appetizer, during and after meals. "We wanted to link it from the beginning to the culinary world. All ingredients have our gin are a range of shades that allows pairing with many dishes. Our cuisine, It is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, rice, vegetables, fish… It's a world, that has no end ".

Malabusca "It has a very soothing character, notes that transport to the Alicante mountains or anywhere in the Mediterranean ", adds. A perfect balance of sensations in the triangle formed by bergamot, cassia and cardamom, with the personality of balsamic herbs like mint, sage and peppermint. The twelve leading botanists that make up the blend of the formulation of Malabusca Gin have only been able to find on an exciting journey around the world from Asia to the Mediterranean. Ondoño bottle for Malabusca "contains our truth, and how to see things ".

QUESTION: What makes this so special gin against other? Y, What are those characteristics that define and differentiate?

ANSWER (Cesar Ramirez): What it makes it truly special Malabusca has to do with the product. It is a gin that conception has a quality botanists used by the production process that make it an authentic London Gin. No we use nothing but natural products in the process itself, without subsequently adding any botanical after distillate, It is causing us to have a gin that is all heart. The initial portion and the tails are removed completely; Y, also it has a fineness, with a spectacular perfume that has no other gin.

Malabusca is special herbaceous character, a balsamic character not found in other gins that are primarily citrus and that we are not accustomed to taking.

P.- What are these botanicals that give you the highest quality to Malabusca, that aroma and its special characteristics?

R.(CR)- Botanists we use have a reason. When the gin is built not we putting botanicals that are random. We ensure that there is a structure and a connection between botanists to allow the professional tasting, both olfactory and gustatory part, are structured.

Fundamental in this case, It is the basis of all gin, which it is the juniper, then giving that special character are botanists such as, first, bergamot (is a spice used in perfumery, complicated to find especially if quality), We use the bark. Besides we have the lemon thyme, verbena, peppermint, which they are botanicals that give a very special balsamic character.

(Oscar Ondoño).- When we seek to make our gin we wanted to make a reinterpretation of what was being done so far. It was like a return to the origin. We have not noticed any gin to make our, we have really done what we wanted. What we have in our bottle? A Mediterranean gin. You open the bottle and smell it immediately transports you to Mediterranean, we have associated the gin and tonic to the entire Mediterranean basin. But, then while it is still a very elegant gin, very urban, in the end we managed to concentrate in the bottle these two worlds: the world that transports you waterfront, the Mediterranean, those smells Alicante mountains, with the urban part, most cosmopolitan.

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Q. That character also gives you are in the province of Alicante, You have your distillery in Alcoy… It is very Mediterranean and very alicantina in every way.

R (CR).- We really what we were looking for was a character that would help us our own spirit. We are here, and that is reflected inside the saw gin. You could enjoy the culture we have. That has led to much of our productive system is the Alicante area. But we also have a more cosmopolitan spirit that makes us have that kind of limits. So one of the botanists had to look it up in Asia. For example, cassia is Asian, Bergamot we have is from southern Italy. We really wanted the design to allow us to have that Mediterranean spirit, but our search led us through the world, to clarify what we needed and build that character. It is at the same time very local, but also very global.

Q. This is a gin Spain conceived for the world. Hence entered this year in the San Francisco World Spirits and has been granted the Silver Medal 2018. What satisfaction is for you this award?

R (AND).- Gin development has also been a personal development. When we finish our formulation, It was a satisfaction that we had reached the point where we wanted, It has been a discovery of a world we did not know, personal enrichment. Then you have the product and are satisfied with what you've got, but it is not enough in such a competitive world like this. Go to the contest as the US, and that 50 international judges of the most famous in the world, say it is one of the best, it changes things, because it's not you who believes in your product, but does that world people living with passion and know what they are talking. Come from the hand of these people is a tremendous satisfaction.

P.-Where are you now marketing your gin?

R (CR).- Now the main market we have is the Spanish. Y, hospitality and mixology, They are still the main markets, are the largest consumers of Malabusca. We are in many restaurants that are renowned, Some Michelin star, as The farm, White gold, El Error, for example. We are also centers like Gourmet of El Corte Ingles. From the contest we have had contacts with Latin American countries like Mexico, and United States or Europe, in Belgium, Italy or Germany. Our mission has always been international, but it is now that these markets are opening up to us, and there is demand. The Mexican market and South America will be our next bet.

Q. What ¿De production are talking today?

R (CR).- our production, every time we make a distillation, the bend exponentially. Every time they ask us more. Demand is crescendo in a very fast way. Our historical are very recent because hardly left the market in 2018. We get requests for sites not currently have distribution. Here in Spain, in many areas there is no formal distributor. This is not a problem because New technologies allow us to do so without any problems from here north of Spain or Portugal.

The important thing is that without an strong distribution network, but throught social media, by peers who share references with Malabusca, gin recommending, and we have orders in Spain, Local very special, whether or not estrellados, people asking us to test boxes, It's been a wonderful experience. Every day we are having local new. We feel hipercómodos when they come to us very picky people, who we do not have to explain anything, the product is the speaker.

P.- How is he perfect serve con Malabusca?

(CR)- It is how we can pour a cup. Any combination can accompany Malabusca. But if we go by the Geneva consumption par excellence it is in the gin and tonic. We have discovered that it is the absolute nudity in the best gin tonic which accompanies our cup. If someone wants to make a salad, then you should choose other brands.

He perfect serve of Malabusca it is with good ice, and the right proportion between gin and tonic, a trend that respects the product and is fine bubble.

He perfect serve of Malabusca you will enjoy in their nakedness, that was how it was conceived. You should go to simplicity. Our proposal is to go to the source. Do not put anything, Enjoy it as is.

Q.-What is the importance of digital in marketing your brand, in contact and monitor the public to know Malabusca?

R (CR)- Digital is absolutely necessary. Without it we would not have digital projection and brand recognition that we are having. As a company our brand awareness has been the result of social networks, to democratize access to people. For the public who want to find, Social networking is a tremendous ally. At the same time, It makes us have an important feed back that allows us to react. Realistically be present on the Internet and contact with the world. our audience, increasingly, It is growing in digital. Malabusca would not be what it is now without internet, because it affects all, from the image we project and feed back, to market access. Internet is the perfect partner.

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