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Mom, I want to be Instagramer


Let us place ourselves in a restaurant in any city, the waiter comes and serves dishes on a table occupied by a group of people, then someone says, “Wait, wait, do not touch! I want to make a picture to upload my Instagram”. Esta situación hoy se produce con mucha frecuencia, pero ¿qué pasaría si ese cliente tiene una comunidad con cientos de miles de seguidores?

According to him Wall Street Journal increasingly restaurants are hiring relevant profiles on Instagram, with large communities of followers around the theme of hospitality and gastronomy, in order to share their snapshots with fans. This new channel of promotion is taking place both in small restaurants and large groups or chains hospitality.

Instagram, la red social preferida por muchos restaurantes

Instagram It has become, undoubtedly, in fashion social network to share everyday images of thousands of hoteliers, cooks, customers, foodies O gourmets, that more “teem” este entorno digital, como ya comentaba en el artículo que publiqué hace algunos meses bajo el título “Restaurants leading companies in the presence of Instagram”.

The digital tip, materialized in a shared photo on Instagram, se ha convertido en un hábito de muchos clientes en los restaurantes y ha llevado a que estos se planteen contratar a Instagramers con seis dígitos de seguidores —que nadie dude que en lo digital “Size Matters”—, to promote their dishes. They are charging up 350$, In United States, for sharing these photos in their profiles, as more and more new digital customers attracted by these images and choose a restaurant geolocalizadas recommendations.

Others, who fail to monetize these actions, what they do instead is lunch or dinner invite a group of Instagramers relevant and promote the restaurant, a plate or disclose any new product or service in exchange for this invitation.

Letters restaurants Instagram

Algunos han promovido una collaborative letter through this social network informing customers that they can share photos of restaurant dishes ordered under a hashtag label or publishing in his letter. One example is this restaurant in New York:

Even in some marketing activities it has reached the end of charge customers with shared photos on Instagram en vez de con dinero para conseguir un gran impacto digital, as did the brand Birds Eye frozen food through a series of promotional events in the UK.

Restaurant recommendations in Instagram

Me parece realmente interesante reflexionar sobre cómo se están introduciendo elementos alternativos a la propuestas de promoción o publicidad que la propia red social propone, as companies are realizing that the impact of its content is enhanced through recommendations, comments from people or influential profiles of the systems themselves promotional platform has launched very recently.

This “instagramerizacion” de la sociedad vuelve a reforzar el paradigma de la captación de los nuevos clientes digitales en la industria de los restaurantes, where what matters is not that one share content of your own business, sino el rastro digital que los clientes dejan al difundir sus experiencias en los entornos digitales, customer becoming the best selling Restaurant. Pero sin duda aquí incorporamos un nuevo elemento que puede alterar esta relación, in most cases of sincerity, y es que algunos de estos clientes relevantes digitalmente puedan estar contratados para compartir sus fotografías u opiniones, lo que hace que la línea entre lo personal y lo comercial, playfulness and interested, is increasingly thin, conviertiéndose en un profesional de Instagram al grito de “Mom, I want to be Instagramer”.

Mom, I want to be Instagramer
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