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Plastic partitions, unused tables, temperature control…what awaits restaurants in the coming months


The impact of the coronavirus in the hospitality sector and the restaurant industry is being brutal globally, and maintains most restaurants, bars and cafes without being able to carry out their usual activity.

In Spain, every day that passes the number of hotel business closings increases, which are already encrypted in 15.000 restaurants that cease their activity definitively, but nervousness also increases, the despair and tension of a sector that does not glimpse, in the short or medium term, any symptom that allows it to think about recovering some of the time lost and where the news from political leaders paints an increasingly black horizon.

In some countries we are already starting to see the first deconfusion measures or slowdown that are taking place in their restaurants. This allows us get a predictable idea of ​​possible temporary solutions that can be implemented to guarantee sanitary measures, which will be mandatory for the staggered opening of businesses.

In Spain we are many supermarkets, shops, and pharmacies incorporate plastic partitions that prevent direct contact between the client and the person serving him.

As well, it seems that this measure could be incorporated in Italy to respect the required social distance and avoid direct contact between clients.

Transparent plastic solutions that divide the tables into different spaces and allow visual contact with customers, all with the aim of avoiding the spread or spread of the virus.

In the following images you can see this idea.

But in China they are being more demanding, in fast food restaurants some of the measures they have taken are the following; only mobile payment is allowed, no cash, not even on a physical credit card, to avoid any kind of contact, Besides an application checks the sanitary status every hour based on the restaurant's cleaning shifts.

In each bag of food delivered to the customer, the name and body temperature of each person who has participated in the preparation or delivery of the product appears, specific, the data of the cook and the waiter are recorded and the client is informed.

In the restaurant all personnel are fully protected and clients are only allowed through a specific site. The letter is obtained through a QR code. Even oblige the client to inform through this App if they have visited the city of Wuhan in the last 14 days, and all that information is registered.

Even if you are accompanied by a friend, you can't sit next to him and you have to keep the safety distance. This forbidden to eat face to face and only customers are allowed to be seated in one direction, with what most of the capacity of the restaurant is useless.

Do not miss this video where you can appreciate all these measures.

These machines also appear that disinfect and spray the entire body before entering the restaurant:

In Canada, as can be seen in the following image, the places where diners can sit appear free of marks and those that cannot be occupied appear with a red X. The separations are between the different spaces that border the table, and in each of them there is hand sanitizer on the table, next to ketchup or mustard.

Diners should take their temperature before entering the restaurant and wear face masks at all times except when they are eating something..

In California, its governor, Garvin Newsom, has said this week that restaurants that work at 50% of their capacity will be the new normal, and that disposable menus and door temperature controls could become common in most of them.

In Hong Kong, diners are required to be located at least 1,5 m away.

En Wuhan, the central city of China where the virus first emerged, restaurants are using Live TV broadcast channels, with extras who eat at their points of sale, in an attempt to show customers that it is safe to return.

All these measures that we have reviewed in this article and in different parts of the world that have been affected by the coronavirus, make us reflect on if restaurants in Spain will do the same o no, what seems clear is what distancing measures will be mandatory, as well as a guarantee of hygiene and sanitation of the premises, from staff and customers.

This makes us wonder if diners will be willing to “suffer” all these vicissitudes or they will decide to stay at home… or order food at your favorite restaurant, a nice, time and mistrust will tell.

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