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'Manual for restaurateurs brave neo', the new guide Eva Ballarín


It is now available 'Manual for restaurateurs brave neo’, the new guide Eva Ballarín. This latest publication of the consulting firm is a powerful tool that gathers key to undertake Hospitality, review and update any hotel business.

'Manual for restaurateurs brave neo’ It is the latest release of Ballarín, expert research and trend analysis, innovation and strategy.

More than 30 years in the national and international hospitality industry, giving several school masters and chosen business 2017 as one of the 17 most influential women of gastronomy in Spain, Eva has created a Ballarín fundamental tool for new restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to upgrade their businesses.

"By its content, his design, his intentions, the accuracy of the information, Agility reading, the possibility of reflection that brings you and the amount of questions I propose, this is not a book for anyone: It is the definitive handbook brave ", he has said the author, who it has turned all its decades of experience in advising and consulting for hospitality businesses.

This publication comes at a time when the hospitality industry looking more than ever reinvent themselves and adapt to new consumer tribes that transform from outside and Horeca, as well, from inside, as entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs.

Betting on business “sustainable and happy”

The manual is intended "For those who want to undertake and for those who want to review and update your business”. “It is the book that every restaurateur should have: A practical guide, simple, easy to read, well illustrated and readable ", He noted Ballarín, who has qualified: “Es, first of all, a timeless book that covers the fashion gastroburbuja, but commitment to sustainable business and happy ".

The manual, edited format ebook, It is available today for download via the website of Eva Ballarin, by means of the subscription to your Newsletter.

The 'Manual for restaurateurs brave neo’ HE condenses 67 pages, 24 chapters and three parts critical information the landlord needs to make the decision, creating and reinventing business.

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