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Mario Sandoval: “The restaurant door Coque is increasingly digital”


A few weeks ago the awards were presented The Best Digital Restaurants 2019, Y Mario Sandoval It was named best digital chef, The Best Digital Chef 2019, for the work and efforts of all its equipment in digital environments during the year 2018.

The restaurant chef Coking Madrid, which runs with his brothers Juan Diego and Rafael, It has two Michelin star and three Repsol suns, and share with us in this interview what he supposed to have received this award, its meaning and the recognition of the commitment to innovation and digital transformation such a relevant restaurant in the culinary world as Coque.

1-.What does it mean to you to have been awarded the Best Digital The Chef Award Spain?

It is a very important award, an honor and recognition of work for which I have wagered chef person and for which we have chosen as a restaurant. We are aware that more and more people want to interact with us digitally and this award there tells us that we are not doing badly. I am delighted greatly, really.


2.-Do you think the door today of the restaurants is a digiport?

Coque door every day that passes is more digital. All our communication is focused on digital marketing, focusing our message cooking, room and cellar our customers to know us more and begin their experience from that time.

3.-What do you value most in the relationship with your customers from the point of view digital? What meaning do you give to the Digital Gratuities?

Digital Tipping is one of the greatest appreciations that you can now make a customer. It shows that you liked the food as do traditional tips, but it is also a gesture that everyone has access.

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Thanks to Michelin for this distinction. It makes us look back to the future without forgetting the path that has brought us here. #EstrellasMichelín # GuíaMichelin

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4.-Nowadays restaurants are increasingly phygital.¿ can now restaurants do not have a total digital management to make a successful restaurant business?

Hard, but I also believe that success comes from excellence in non-digital. We are chefs, generators emotions with food and drinks by. Simply, starting to do well what we know and what is our profession, now it must also move to the digital universe.

5.-By managing your networks that have you gained personally as chef Mario Sandoval, as a human being and what impact it has had on their personal branding?

I won affection, feedback. I won the opportunity to receive first-person opinions and experiences, to be able to grow with them. Constructive criticism and exchange of opinions always help, They make you a better person and professional, And the digital environment allows it. Interact more agile.

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