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Restaurant Marketing: the importance of cultural intelligence


Besignature of the month: Alexandre Mallo is project manager and responsible for content Ontranslation, agency specializing in multilingual communication services lingüísticos and cultural advice for companies in various sectors in the process of internationalization.

One of the most significant consequences of globalization in the field of restoration has been the emergence of cultural intelligence, a specific skill which it is essential in the marketing of restaurants. What otherwise we will convince foreign diners who come to our restaurants? cultural aspects must be taken into account like the holidays, eating habits, Vacation periods…- that allow us to adapt our offer to their preferences most effective way.

A restaurant is not just a local meals are served in which. It is an example and a representative of a particular culture, many times, It is within the context of a completely different culture -as can be an Indian restaurant in New York. In these cases, it is necessary to know in depth the very culture that is being presented through the cuisine and culture of diners who come to the restaurant to adapt this value to marketing strategies. The most important cultural elements to consider are the following:

  • Preferences and eating habits: either for religious reasons, historical or economic, not all cultures have the same eating habits. To know is basic for any restaurant that wants to succeed in their marketing strategies do not fall for such blatant mistakes as setting up a recipe based on pork as dish of the day in an environment Muslim meat or beef in an environment of Hindu religion.
  • festivities: normally, the festivities are moments that lend themselves to good food, although not all cultures alike celebrate. Because it makes little sense that a Spanish restaurant in London promotes an offer for groups during the Three Kings Day, Given that the British do not routinely celebrate. The same goes for own periods of religious calendars. In Spain and do not usually take into account, but in those countries where Christianity is still practiced rigorously, devise promotional menus with meat recipes will be a disaster during the time of Lent.
  • Vacation periods: holiday periods are traditionally the season of gold restoration, and might be further if marketing strategies restaurants are designed with cultural intelligence. This can be especially effective in areas with an influx of tourists important. The main thing is to identify the nationality and culture among numerous tourists visiting the region or city where the restaurant is located and, from there, a study of their eating habits, their culinary preferences, of its most representative festivities, its average purchasing power ... Although in these cases where tourists are the target market, it is also essential that communications professionals carry out the translation of restaurant menus.
  • highlights: a sports world championship, a local event of great value to the city or other major events are an excellent opportunity to develop effective marketing strategies restaurants, but always taking into account cultural differences. For example, a marketing strategy based on the World Handball Championship, probably you will be successful in Denmark and very little in Spain, despite both countries being two of the most powerful representatives of world sport.

Cultural intelligence is an absolutely essential skill specific, paradoxically, often not taken into account because of the same reason that has become so important, the globalization. We tend to think that local cultures are blurred and no longer exists nothing but a global culture, But the reality is very different, and learn more about the culture from which we come and one in which we work is, not only an advantage, but a capacity to achieve the greatest impact in promoting restaurants.

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