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Digital Marketing for Restaurants: 5 simple strategies experts


At the conference National Restaurant Association in the US. THE. held a few months ago, professionals in the sector began to disassociate itself from the traditional media for their promotional efforts.

Advertising online and the marketing digital for restaurants becomes more important, and social networks themselves up as the ultimate platform to reach and engage our target audience.

However, for many restaurants, Surprisingly, these new channels of contact with your prospects are unknown lands.

Why during the conference, connoisseurs of social networks and the ins and outs advertising online They shared best strategies marketing digital to Restaurants industry professionals can undertake without too much difficulty.

Highlights were the:

1.- Create a brand image associated with the values ​​of the restaurant. Social networks represent a channel much more personal communication with the consumer, and therefore it is necessary to differentiate through style in speech, defended the values ​​and objectives of the company.

2.- Identify your audience. Tastes of our audience outside the purely gastronomic sphere can help us achieve more efficient communication and higher conversion of our advertising campaigns online.

3.- Enables you ad campaigns. Organic traffic is difficult to achieve. Since greater visibility in our publications involves a greater flow of visitors to our profiles, it's worth investing in campaigns to increase traffic Ads.

4.- Impulsive marketing digital relevant and current. In the information age the pace of life is dizzying, if we want our commercial campaign to be successful you need to be issued in a timely manner and aimed at generating a response to the receptive audience. Our message must permeate them.

5.- Generated video content or movement. Typical slides stories Instagram or Facebook, the gifs and videos have a much higher conversion texts and images.

With these five simple strategies, Restaurants can enter fully into the field of advertising online and digital marketing.

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